Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome Silas!

This is the story of how I met this little guy! (Too cute for words, right??) On June 24th, my friend Marci went into labor. We were so excited for her, Ronnie, Jack (4), Anna Kate (2), and Hudson (1). We love this sweet family...and not just because they make Matt and I look completely sane for only have two children so close together. Ha! After an entire day of checking my phone and twitter every 2.3 seconds for updates and getting both the kids and husband into bed and asleep, I decided to go up to the hospital and wait to meet precious little Silas. Of course I checked to make sure they were up for visitors first! I got to the hospital only to find that sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet Marci's epidural had worn off. She was starting to feel everything. At this point I should tell you that an alternate title to this post could be, "The day Marci became my new hero!" She did so great. She remained calm even after the anesthesiologist came in and said, "I think it has come out but I have an emergency I have to go to so I will be back after that." I am pretty sure we all wanted to say, "WAIT!!!! You are HERE now!!!!!!!!" Poor Marci did all of the HARD laboring without an epidural. Jill, Jennifer, and I tried fanning her to keep her cool, counting with her, and I at some point we all tried to just breathe for her. Ha! The anesthesiologist FINALLY came back right before it was "go time". Thank you God!

One funny thing--right after he re-did the epidural and right before the doctor came in the room--we fixed up Marci's make-up. Ha! It is important to look your best for the pictures you are going to treasure! Luckily, us girls understand things of this nature. (;

Ronnie (daddy to Silas) showing off baby Silas to Marci (the proud mommy). Silas arrived June 25th at 2:08 am.

LOVE this picture!

Studying that sweet boy!

Talking to him. He was so funny--he kept one eye open.


Getting some sweet kisses! It is never to early in life for those.

After Jennifer and I made the funniest quick trip to McDonald's ever to grab some food for Marci (she hadn't been able to eat all day), I got to get my hands on the little cutie for some newborn baby loving. Priceless! It was such a blessing to be a part of such a special time!

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Jennifer said...

Such a fun night!! And yes, the McDonald's trip is still hilarious to me even after not being sleep-deprived! Ha!