Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Kids

Well...I should start by confessing these pictures are from the beginning of June. As I have mentioned numerous times--our church does Friday Night Out--a free date night for parents 2 times a month. Well it ends past the kids' bedtime and usually they are ready for bed when we get home. But on this particular night...they were W.I.R.E.D!!! I am almost certain that the FNO workers must have given them Mt. Dew, Candy, and had them watch Kung Fu Panda! They were in extra-energy hysterical form. Reid found their little broom and took the end off and was swinging it all around yelling "Hi-yah! Hiiii-yaaaahhhh!" He has never done this before. That is why I am thinking Kung Fu Panda must've been involved?? Ha!

He was also wearing the broken fake pearl necklace around at some point.

I think this might have been taken as he was telling Daddy he was going to "get you".

He was so funny...a little scary...but so funny.

"On guard!" Or, as Reid said, "Hi-yah!"


Full speed ahead.

The next day he was doing this with it. Ha! So silly. That broom stick has mysteriously (c; disappeared.

Lilly was in rare form too. She gave us all lots of (pretend) medicine.

Did some super jumping!

Told lots of stories...

with lots of dramatic facial expressions, of course. You just can't tell a good story without them!

She is probably saying, "ummmmmmm".

There is never a dull moment with these too!


Courtney said...

Don't you just wish you had a fraction of that energy sometimes. Cute pictures!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

JDaniel has the same pair of monkey pjs. Wow! They sure had energy to burn.

Stopping from Jeanna's Journey!

Dreamin' Daisies said...

Sweet Lilly... love those Lilly stories!