Thursday, July 28, 2011


Okay I added these two pictures after I wrote the they are out of order. A close up of MY FAVORITE picture from below.

Okay--this post has some of my new favorite pictures in it. Just FYI. Last weekend we went to Benton (a separate post on that later) and Sunday while we were hanging outside by the pool, DeDe brought out some bubbles. It might be worth noting that my children love (as in big red HEART) bubbles! Waiting for the bubbles to be poured in. I am such a sucker for a picture of them from behind playing. It is just sweet!

Trying to figure out the fancy wand.

Reid double-fisted wands for a while.

She figured it out! Smarty. Look at how much fun she is having!

Side-by-side photo. Love.

Ha! Reid is getting hit in the face with a bubble. I was sitting right in the flow of the bubbles so I can relate. Of course it was so hot outside that even the mist of a popping bubble was welcomed. (:


Love that sweet smile. She is still wearing her swim buoy...which she calls her "egg".

Amazed by the bubbles!

This photo just shows so much of her (I want to say "little" but is BIG) personality.

Aunt Kay started making bubbles too to keep them flowing consistently. It is hard to keep the bubbles going when you stop to chase them down and pop them in between, you know.

Chasing bubbles!

Reaching out to pop the bubbles. Reid was hilarious. Every time he (or Lilly) popped a bubble he would get excited and say, "I got it!"

I think he may be getting DeDe in this picture. (; He keeps us on our toes. We love it.

MY FAVORITE!!!! Look at his sweet face! Priceless. I can honestly say that the adults were just as entertained by these ginormous bubbles as the kids were! They were awesome!


Lisa said...

Awww....Looks like your kids and "Aunt Kay" are having so much fun!!

The Morrows said...

Watching kids play with bubbles is a good reminder to have joy in the simple pleasures of life.
Found your blog through Jenna's Commenting Challenge.
I am following :)

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