Monday, July 18, 2011

Boingo Bounce

We go to a local bouncy place fairly frequently so when it was the 1/2 price local deal the other day--we got excited and bought two. Ha! So, of course to celebrate, a trip to the "bouncy place" (as Lilly calls it) was in order. Lilly and Reid spent some time sitting on (and jumping on) the bean bag chairs.

Their cute little friend Xander met us there. So did Addy and Sam--it is always more fun with friends!

Reid spent the first part of our time like this. Ha! He was climbing up the big slide and got scared and some random mom ran up and got him and he was a little freaked out for a little while. Don't worry, though, because before too long...

he was back to having some fun!

"Weeeee!" and "I'n jumpin!"

Lilly had a blast the whole time! She went down the slides with her buddy Addy over and over.

LOVE this picture!

This one too! She jumped and slid her little heart out. (: And I had all the more fun knowing we only paid half price! It was a great way to beat this heat and have some fun inside!


Cori said...

We bought it, too!!! We are actually going today!

Courtney said...

I found a 1/2 price Groupon for one, so we will be visiting sometime this summer. I wish we had one closer, as ours is about an hour away.

Dreamin' Daisies said...

Lilly... sooooo adorable. Give her a hug from Mrs. Tiffy. We will need to see y'all soon! :)