Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We LOVE Our Razorbacks!

Our house loves the Arkansas Razorbacks! These two, more specifically, could really care less about the sporting events. They literally love the razorback mascot. Ha!

Who is Lilly playing peek-a-boo with?

One of the razorback mascots! We have a book called Big Red that is all about the razorback mascot and we read it at least 10 times per day. Lilly has it memorized. Seriously. I walked past her room and she was reading it to Reid and I heard her say, "Big Red walked past Mullins Library" and I just started cracking up.

This is obviously not my child...but what is Brody smiling about??

The Arkansas Razorback mascot. About a month ago we went to the Razorback volleyball game. The kids love it! It is a cheap and fun family date night!

Lilly even enjoys watching a little bit of the game. Either that is she is trying to find one of the mascots. (:

The kids are so funny. They ask for popcorn and coke as soon as we get there. They remember a treat!

The only picture I got of my sweet family all together. Still pretty precious.

When I took Lilly to go get popcorn there was a girl doing face painting. Lilly got one on her face...

and her arm. She was SO PROUD. She kept holding her arm out so everybody would see it.

Then of course when Bubby saw it, he wanted one too. (:

We had a fun night as a family and hanging out with Jenna, Chris, Brayden, and Brody.

Every time the razorback marching band would start playing, this is what Lilly and Reid would start doing (watch video). Hilarious!! We also sing the fight song before bed. After Jesus Loves Me of course. Ha!

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Rich and Renee said...

Love these pics......such a fun family outing!