Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ran.Dom. (:

I got the kids their first candy necklaces a couple of weeks ago.

It was a lot of work and there was a lot of slobber involved. I am marking them down as "not ready".

Lilly and Reid like to do their own gift bag decorating. (:

My mom (aka MoMo) recently got a little dog named "KiKi".

The kids are in love with KiKi and talk about her all the time.

Lilly has enjoyed the pirate eye patch she got from her cousin Marshall's birthday party.

I watched our friend's little boy Will one night so his parents could go to the Razorback game and we had a little jam session.

They were pretty hilarious.

I can't remember if I just tweeted this or if I blogged it too but I almost took out an entire water display at Wal-Mart with this very cart. They really need to offer training classes on how to drive one of these bad boys.

Reid got his hair cut the other day. Both him and Lilly immediately ask for suckers as soon as we get to the salon. They never forget if a place has given them a sticker, prize, or candy. It is really amazing.

The kids cuddled up together and watched some tv the other night. I thought they looked precious together. Nothing melts my heart more than watching them be sweet friends.

The other night we made some acorn cookies. We all enjoyed making them and eating them. (I saw this on pinterest--it is just a vanilla wafer, hershey kiss, peanut butter, and a peanut butter chip...if we make them again I will use the mini-wafers. Super easy, festive, and fun.)

A couple of weeks ago we had a really bad storm. Our kids slept right through it BUT Tank ended up in our room. He hates a storm.

DeDe came in town a couple of weekends ago and spoiled the kids with a shopping trip. They loved it and I am thankful that they got to have a fun time shopping with her.

Lilly keeps telling me that we need to go back to Kohl's because she needs some more toys. I hold in the laughter because she "needs" for nothing. Ha!

The other night Lilly made Reid a bed on the floor and had him come and lay down (and he gladly did because Lilly wanted him to) and she patted his back, talked to him in a sweet voice, and then sang to him. Precious!!

I only put this picture on here for a laugh. I "made" these cookies by breaking apart the dough and putting them in the oven the other night. I took this picture and was going to text Matt a picture to let him know that he had a yummy treat waiting for him when he got home. Well they weren't getting firm so I decided to stick them back in the oven for ONE more minute. I forgot all about them for at least 10 minutes. They were crunchy and hard! I had to text him...OOPS! Burnt the cookies! Ha!

Lilly was making the above and was telling me how she was making it for Daddy. Well when Daddy came into the room she said, "Here Daddy I made this for you!!" He took it and said, "Thanks sweetie! I love it!" She replied, "That will be $6!" Haha! I guess there is a bit of a mark up in price since it was custom made for him!! (:

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how they remember where they get treats! Lillian was just saying I really would like to go to the Dentist again so I can go to the Treasure Box!! lol

Hope you and your family are having a blessed week! Christian will be home in about a month (before Christmas) we are so happy!!