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My Birthday and Testimony Tuesday

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This is going to be a combination post of my birthday and Testimony Tuesday. I am writing the Testimony Tuesday part in blue so if you just want to read about just my birthday or just Testimony Tuesday--you can! This post will be wordy and long but there will be several funny stories mixed in and I want to remember them all! (: While I was getting this handsome man dressed, he and Lilly sang "Happy Birthday" to me. PRECIOUS! This is my first birthday ever that both of my kids could sing Happy Birthday to me. Can't even describe how awesome and sweet that is...but there is a video at the end of this post so you can hear it yourself. And so I can play it any time I want. Ha!

After they sang, Lilly said, "Mommy-it's your birthday!" I said, "Yes sweet girl, it is!" She said, "We got you a clock!!!" Hahaha! (I hadn't opened my presents yet.)

It was bible study day so we went to bible study and Michelle Duggar was our guest speaker. This is the second time I have heard her. No I am not a Michelle groupie but I do LOVE hearing her speak. I blogged all about what she said last year at MOPS in this post. She went over several of the same things and I got a lot out of those again this time. She is such an encouragement and helps me remember the importance of being a mommy first! Anyway, this is where I will insert my testimony tuesday...

Since Lilly was a baby and Reid was still in my belly, the Lord let me know that yelling wasn't something he wanted for our household. Anytime I raised my voice I would immediately feel a strong conviction. I am not saying it has never happened. It has. I am just saying that whenever it does--I get a strong conviction that lets me know He does not approve. As Michelle was answering a question yesterday she very briefly mentioned the verse "The wrath of man does not bring forth the righteousness of God" (James 1:20) and immediately God just burned that verse into my heart. Yelling and disciplining in anger is not what is going to build that Godly character in my children. (Please don't misread that as I don't think that you should discipline your children...I said disciplining IN ANGER...the bible says those who love their children discipline them (all throughout Proverbs). Anyway, I have just thought about that verse hundreds of times since then and I am so thankful to have a verse to help when I am frustrated or feeling tempted. Or to convict me if I do.

The other things I plan on working on that talked about is letting Lilly and Reid know my expectations of what I expect BEFORE we do something and practicing appropriate behavior and responses so that they know the correct kind of behaviors that Matt and I are expecting.

FUNNY/EMBARASSING story. So Michelle is finished speaking but she is still on stage taking pictures and answering questions one-on-one with people. My table was going to have lunch together and we were deciding where to go. Well it was time for me to pick up the kids from their rooms so I went and got them and came back into the room to see where we were going to eat. Lilly immediately runs up on stage, gets back behind the drums and bangs the drums. In front of everyone. Including Michelle Duggar. Niiiiccce.

We went to Gusano's to eat some pizza. We had a great time and I wish I would have gotten a picture because there were 4 adults and 6 kids. The kids were all well behaved. Probably because we had all just heard Michelle Duggar. Ha! Matt came and met us at the end of lunch so I got the best of both worlds--family and friends!

As we were leaving both kids were crying for Daddy. One wanted him to drive and the other wanted him to put him in the car seat. I laugh now because I just thought to myself, "That is so rude! It is MY birthday. That is just bad manners." Hahaha!! We went home and I napped with Lilly and Reid. It was as awesome as it sounds.

This picture is out of order. It should be switched with the one that is below it. While I was napping my sister dropped off a basket of goodies! We ran to Sonic happy hour. One because what birthday is complete without happy hour?? And two because I had two very sweet friends give me gift cards because they know that I love happy hour. (: Speaking of friends-I am so blessed to have had so many friends text, call, tweet, and facebook birthday wishes to me. Loved them all!! Even my husband said Happy Birthday to me on facebook which is HUGE because the only other thing he has ever written on facebook was announcing that Reid was here. Ha!

When Matt got home we went to Copeland's and had dinner.

Last week in the car Lilly and I had the following conversation:

Lilly: Mommy are you going to have cake on your birthday??

Me: Probably.

Lilly: Mommy, you gonna share your cake?

So after Copeland's we ran by Wal-Mart and got a little cake (the one pictured a couple of pictures up). Matt picked that one because it looked the most festive. Love that.

Lilly and Reid helped me open my presents. Birthdays are so much more fun now. Yesterday morning Matt kept laughing and when I asked why he said, "I just keep thinking about shopping with your son. He insisted on getting you this specific gift and wouldn't put it down the whole time we shopped!" I thought it was so sweet that he wanted something for me! Anyway, all day long I thought about it and what in the world it would be. It was this:

A BLUE sweater. Matt said he held it perfectly folded the entire time they were in Target.

They had went for the purple sweater. But he wanted me to have a blue one too. I also got some fuzzy socks and a new razorback shirt. Oh and a.....

clock! Haha. I love it all.

Right before bed last night Reid fell into our fireplace and scratched his back. To make him feel better we...

put a zebra band-aid on his foot. ??? I don't know why! But it made him feel better so we went with it.

Then today I had a special lunch with my sister! (Also the night before I went out with some friends and I hope to have a picture of that soon. I told you I was blessed with so much love on my birthday!)

This video is dark because we are in the car at night but I just had to capture my sweet kids singing happy birthday. It is funny because they call me mommy but they sing, "Happy Birthday to Momma". This was my best birthday ever! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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