Friday, October 7, 2011

Fair Visit

First thanks to those who have checked on us--we are fine--our computer and internet have just been refusing to work together so I have not been able to blog. Luckily, at this very moment, they are on good terms.

About a month or so ago, the fair came to town. A couple of our friends were going to see the animals and asked if wanted to tag along. We always want to tag along to cheap fun! So we went to say "hi" to the animals! It was a super hot day.

I just put these two photos (the above of Reid and the below of Lilly) in here so you can see their cute little outfits. I am biased but they pretty much make all outfits cute!

I put them in their rainboots because I was warned that there would be animal pooh all around. I am glad they were wearing them because there was. Ha!

Reid wanted to pet everything. But just for a second and then he was ready to move on.

Our sweet friend Cilla checking things out with a smile.

Lilly would get up close and then just barely touch the animal and pull her hand back.

All the kids loved checking out all of the animals.

Lilly enjoyed telling them some stories. They were captivated by her facial expressions and hand gestures.

Staring contest?? LOVE this picture.


Lacey. Love these precious friends!


This was the best picture of Lilly looking at the camera I could get. Ha! She was giving me this "cheese" face. Stinker!

I don't know what he is thinking in this picture...???

They had all of these stick horses there. I think they might have been Lilly and Reid's favorite animal...


Funny story. Matt hates fairs. He just doesn't think rides that get taken down and put back up can possibly safe. Well we went to the fair last minute so he didn't know that we went until I called him and he asked what we were doing and I said, "Leaving the fair." He paused and then said, "WHY did you take our kids to the fair??" Ha! He was fine after he found out that they weren't riding rides and that they just got to see the animals. Such a protector! (:

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Courtney said...

We always love some good fair fun! Looks like the kids had a blast, and didn't get hurt!