Monday, October 17, 2011

Fun Day at Aunt CiCi's

Okay so I think this day was over Labor Day weekend. Eek. The amount of behind I am in blogging is not the topic of this post, though. (: We went over to Lilly and Reid's Aunt CiCi and Uncle "Greggy"'s house. We all LOVE going over there. We met a whole bunch of family over there and went swimming and had some burgers.

Then Uncle Mike brought some kid fishing poles, and even though Lilly had never seen a fishing pole before, she was adamant that she wanted to go fishing! So Dinka (my dad) took her to the pond. She thought it was really fun to throw the line out and then reel it back in. (My Aunt and Uncle have a pond full of catfish.)

Reid was happy to just watch.

Once they actually caught a fish, Lilly went running in the opposite direction. Ha!!

Then Uncle Mike did the fishing while we all watched.

They got a catfish out of the water and Lilly wanted them to put it back. So they did. Ha. I kind of wanted them to put it back too. (:

Then we went and looked at the cows and the ducks. I should mention that Reid is not wearing any pants because he got in the pool with his pants on and they were in the dryer. Also, he carried around the microphone in his hands for hours. I am not even joking. Hours.

3 words. Pulling. It. Off.

Checking it out.

Lilly wore her tiara and carried around her magic wand everywhere. Ha.

Having a fun time feeding the ducks with my sweet girl!

Saying cheese with Oksana.

My dad and Aunt Theresa. Funny story. My Grandma Odie (Lilly and Reid's great grandma) has a blood sugar testing kit and she busted it out and tested every willing person's blood sugar levels. Ha! We had all just eaten a bunch of junk too. She wanted to test mine and when I said no she called me a coward. It was hysterical!

Aunt CiCi and my dad. We had such a fun time with family making memories! This was actually the first time ever we didn't nap our kids that day (and the only time so far). They did great and it was totally worth it!

We left Aunt CiCi's and tried Chipolte for the first time.

LOVE these special days just hanging out with the ones I love most!

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