Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday Fun

Saturday we just hung out as a family. I cleaned out some toys the kids were too big for/didn't play with anymore. It is amazing how great it makes me feel to get rid of stuff that is just wasting our precious space!! We also watched the Razorbacks play Vandy. It wasn't pretty but, again, we ended up with the "W". I am really hoping we decide to play both halves of the game next week though. (: Aunt Susan sent Lilly and Reid each a package of felt fall stickers. They have been asking to use them since they came in the mail so we decided that it was time!

They used their stickers to create fall scenes on orange construction paper.

Reid was so into it he didn't want to look up for me to take a picture! I had said his name at least twenty times and he finally looked up and viola--this picture was taken.

They loved the felt stickers and that they were able to peel them off all by themselves. Thanks Aunt Susan for all the fun!

At the Target dollar spot I bought a couple of packages of those window clingy things (technical term?) so we busted those out tonight too.

DeDe had bought some at her house and the kids really enjoyed them so I thought we would get some for the house. I am glad I did because they LOVE them.

Reid was saying, "Mommy! It's a crescent moon!" Such a smarty. He learned that from Lilly. She learned it from my Toddler Teaser Shapes App on my phone. Can I still take credit because I was the one that downloaded the app?? Ha!

Finding the perfect spot for the moon. Up high!

Lilly. So serious.

Pretty good fun for $2.

Their finished work! We celebrated with Frosties from Wendy's.

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I am loving that your posting so much! Happy Halloween to you all!