Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday Morning Fun

Saturday morning we got up and around and went to hang out at my sister's house. When we went to lunch this week Emma was at school and Lilly wanted to play with her. Sweet girls!

So we decided to get together for the razorback game and some Halloween fun.

Aunt Shelly (my sister) had this cute little display. She is always decorating cute for each season/holiday.

Michelle and Emma (Lilly's cousin) had cut out Halloween shapes out of tortillas with a cookie cutters...

and we made trick-or-treat nachos. Unfortunately this picture looked much clearer on my phone but they turned out super cute.

Then we decorated some pumpkin shaped cookies. I asked Lilly to look up and smile and, well, you can look at the pictures and see the faces she gave me. (: Also, she had to separate all of the mini muffin wrappers before she could start decorating.

This is close as we came to "smile".

Emma preparing to decorate.

Reid decided to join us and decorate a cookie too.

Sweet boy!

The finished product!

Oh, and we also made cake pops. If you haven't had a cake pop (the real ones that you bake the cake, then mix the icing in, and then form balls and dip into the bark), all you need to know is that cake ball pops=love at first bite. Consider that my public service announcement for today. (:

Enjoying our hard work!

While we were doing this the guys were watching Arkansas beat Ole Miss. It wasn't a pretty game but we came out with the "W"!

Jackson and Ethan played the Wii and tickle monster.

Then Emma practiced taking some pictures with my camera which she thought was "awesome". Ha! She took this picture of Lilly playing in her room. As you can see--toys are everywhere. When we first walked in her room she looked at me and she said, " know Lilly did this, right?" Ha!

And then she took this one of Reid. Pretty good job! We had such a fun time.

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Courtney said...

What a fun Saturday. I love the look on Lilly's face!