Sunday, July 15, 2012

Children's Hands-On Museum Part 1

Thursday we went to the Children's Hands-On Museum.  We got there and went straight to the tye-dye area.  There was a line but the room was full of legos so Lilly built what she called "a beautiful garden"--I was supposed to take a picture of it when we got done tye-dying and forgot and she remembered as soon as we left the museum for the day (several hours later) and was not happy with my forgetfulness.  It looked like a very colorful square made of legos. 
Lilly all ready to tye-dye.
She chose pink and purple.
Reid all ready.  The gloves were HUGE. 
He picked blue and red.  Only because he couldn't pick blue and blue.  My boy loves some blue! 
Then we decided to start at the basement and work our way up.  The first area we went to was "The Farm."  The kids could pick (and plant) all kinds of vegetables--this was really neat.  Lilly picked carrots and lettuce and underneath in that tunnel there were potatoes. 
Picking some corn and showing it off!

Reid picking an apple for me. 
That had a tractor they could "drive" and they were both all about that. 
As you can see in the background--all the walls are painted to match the theme of that area.
They had lots of little animals for them to ride on. 
This picture just makes me laugh. 
They had a story area with two rocking chairs and some farm books.

They had a silo that Reid enjoyed going in and sliding out of.
There was a puzzle area, too.  Both Lilly and Reid are very into puzzles right now.  There was also an area for babies that I didn't take a picture.  It was hard to get the kids to leave this area to go look at anything else. 
We finally decided to go see the art room.  There was a drum on the wall.  Banging on something AND making a loud noise at the same time equals happiness for Lilly and Reid. 
There was an entire room that you could decorate with stickers.
I did explain that this was a special room and our walls at home could not have stickers on them. 
There was a puppet area and MoMo and Lilly put on a show. 
And then they made these parrots. 
Next we went to the hospital area.  I thought this area was the neatest area.  It was set up EXACTLY like a hospital.  There was a nursery.
Lilly LOVED feeding the babies and holding them and bouncing them.  Her caring nature just shined in the hospital area. 
They had a hospital room set up and Reid and Lilly both loved this room.  Reid is feeding the monkey a roll here.  There was a tv in the corner up on the wall that was playing Curious George, too.
Lilly was on the phone saying, "Yes, we need a doctor!"  It was so funny.
They had an x-ray area set up with all kinds of x-rays that they could put up. 
And they had the big circle nurses station, too.  That computer in the background had 3D scans that they could look through.  Lilly preferred filling out the charts.  ( : 
And answering the phones.  Those were the kids favorite areas of the hospital but they had some other really cool areas that would be good for older kids, too. 
They had this area that had aprons and then the organs that would velcro on their place on the apron...kind of like a wearable puzzle. 
And a Match-the-Microbe game.
A nutrition area.
Scrub station.  Every area of the museum had dress-up clothes to go with it but for some reason Lilly and Reid just weren't in the mood for dress-up. 
A triage area.
On the way into the hospital Reid discovered this truck and he kept sneaking out of the hospital to go play on it.  I really think out of all the stuff we saw--this was by far his favorite.  He played on it for at least an hour. 
Here Blayne is holding Reid up so he can see a tarantula.  This area had lizards and turtles and spiders and crickets.
This was a big beaver dam play area.  There was a slide on the outside...
and a lower and upper place to play inside.  Reid kept playing peek-a-boo.  ( : 
Back to the truck!  Lilly loaded every basket of food she could find in the back.  By this time it was 1:30 and we were still at the bottom level so we decided to go eat lunch, skip naps, and come back after lunch.  All that fun will be in Part 2.  ( : 


Courtney said...

Children's museums are so much fun, we just went to a local one on Friday. That farm area looks like a fun place to stay.

Children’s day nursery mk said...

Hey the children's museum looks like a fun place to be at. I will plan a trip for the kids at my nursery as well now. Just need to find one in or around Milton Keynes.