Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Children's Hands-On Museum Part 2

 We decided to grab lunch at MugShots and I was so excited because we ate at one when we went to Biloxi a couple of years ago and it was really good.
 Of course we took pictures to send to Daddy while we were there. 

 Yes.  I took a picture of my food. It was as good as I remembered it being!! 
 Then MoMo, Lilly, Reid and I headed back to the museum for round two.  We went through a cave area got to make our own shell necklaces. 
 Then there was a game area and Lilly and Reid worked together to mach the number puzzles together.

 There was an old-style classroom.
 Lilly having fun pretending to be the teacher. 
 Then she was a shoe-shiner.  (: 
 Reid rode the wooden horse while MoMo got her shoes shined. 
 Then they tried on lots of hats!

 And they had a tea party.  They both love a tea party!   Later Lilly and MoMo had a tea party and MoMo said that Lilly served her tea and food--she is quite the hostess.  ( ;
 Reid was pretty intrigued by the flying balls.
 We went to story time.  They heard a story about a rattlesnake.
Reid cracked me up because he went straight and in and got comfortable. 
 After the story they got to make their own rattlesnakes. 
Then we went into the Japanese house where Lilly felt right at home because she got to take her shoes off.
They pretended to eat food that I can't get them to touch in real life. Ha! 
 There was a big boat but it shook and made a loud noise and they didn't want to get on it but Lilly did "fish" off the dock. 
 For some reason both Lilly and Reid LOVED carrying around these baskets of fruits and vegetables.  They would just carry them from here to there.  And when they got them all moved one place they would start moving them back to the truck.
 Here is Reid's stash of buckets.
 And of course there was a lot more playing in the truck.  Reid still talks about the truck.  I think that may be all he remembers from the museum.  ( : 
After we left the museum we went to the yogurt shop right next door.  I thought that was a well-played location on the yogurt shops part. 
 I had planned on letting them skip naps since it was 4:30 but when we got in the car Reid said he was ready to go to MoMo's and nap.  Ha!  So we went back and the kids napped and then we had dinner and Lilly and Reid watched Madagascar 2 while MoMo, Papa Ray, Blayne and I played some dominoes.  Oh, and we skyped Matt and we were very excited to get to see him!
All in all I think we all had a really fun day!  And I rate their Children's Hands-On Museum as awesome.  ( :

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Courtney said...

What a fun day. I would say that yogurt shop was stategically placed. I am so sad we don't have yogurt shops close to where I live (of course maybe it is a good thing)!