Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spontaneous Road Trip

Well Sunday night we decided that the kids and I would go back with MoMo (she was in town this weekend) for the week and that Matt would meet us on Friday for some family fun!  So I packed us in about an hour and we hit the road Monday morning.  I am still laughing that we did this because we are both planners.  But I think had it not been spontaneous it wouldn't have happened because we just don't like to be apart. 
 Monday we went to Memphis.  The kids were really good in the car.  They played with their Innotabs, did a little water painting, and watched movies.
 I gave Reid his paci because he was being a little too noisy for the inside of the car. 
 My nephew Blayne came with us, too.  He slept most of the way--talk about an easy rider.  Ha! 
 Giving some smiles for Daddy.  We have tried to keep him up to date with pictures, texts, and calls but we still miss him SO much!!!

 We made it to Memphis!  We sat by this pond and watched the fountains and the ducks, birds, and turtles while MoMo did a little bit of work. 
Then we had dinner at Casa Mexicana.
And then as a special treat MoMo and I took the kids to build-a-bear.  The kids looked over all of the animals and picked their special ones. 
Then they both helped stuff them. 
Picked out a heart, gave it a kiss, and put it in.
Then they gave them a bath.
They both love their new special friends!
Reid named his "Star".  At first I asked him what he wanted to name it and he said, "Bear" and so I asked what was bear's name and he said, "Star."
Then Lilly named hers "White"--she tried to name her Pink but her other bear's name is Pink so I encouraged her to pick another name and White is what she settled on.
We got up this morning and got around.  Then we ate at Waffle House and headed to Alabama where MoMo lives.
It was a shorter trip today so the kids colored, played with stickers, watched a movie, and took a nap.  The kids were really good for such a long trip!
We got to MoMo's and were going to go swimming but as soon as we got ready it started to rain.  So we went to Wal-Mart and the kids were still in their swimsuits.  I felt like it was a good compromise since they handled the fact they weren't going swimming pretty well.  After we got back and had dinner, we went for a walk and Lilly had to push White in the stroller in her bathing suit.  Yeah, she is pretty cute.  ( : 
Then we just finished the night with painted fingernails and Sleeping Beauty!


Courtney said...

So glad you were spontaneous and went for it. I am sure you will have a fun week!

Jodi said...

I love Build A Bear. Wish they had it when I was a kid. It is such a cute idea. Looks like they had fun. Love the names (Pink and White) at least you will remember who is who. Haha