Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Library Fun

We have had lots of summer fun so far at the library this year.  We went to a special movie day where they showed Sleeping Beauty.  We hadn't seen that yet and Lilly was so excited to watch it!!

One day they had an aquarium truck come and the kids got to look at it and then they had a special fish-themed storytime afterward. 
 He is looking in the aquarium tank--it is hard to see but they were all Arkansas-native fish (so no colorful ones) and there was a HUGE catfish and a big turtle in there. 
 The day before July 4th we went to toddler storytime with our friends Rebekah and Cilla and they got to choose either the star headband or star sunglasses.

 They always have computers and I taught Lilly how to work a mouse on this day so she could play a Dora game.  Her and Cilla worked hard together.  ( ; 
 And they have lots of puzzles, too.
Of course there are lots of books, too!  Lilly was reading this to me.  She really did make up her own story to go with the pictures.  It was pretty cute.  We are thankful for such a fun place to go that is inside--and cool--a big must in this hot weather.  (: 

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Meredith said...

so fun!! addison loves the library too!!