Monday, July 2, 2012

Kid-Free Weekend

Well this past weekend I arranged for the kids to go to Mike and DeDe's so that Matt and I could have a weekend together to just hang out and relax.  I had planned on surprising Matt but since we hadn't ever left them anywhere I decided he would probably want to know first.  After he slept on the idea, he was all for it! 
 Friday night we went and had dinner at Table Mesa and then went to Crystal Bridges (a nearby museum). 
 It is huge and beautiful.  Now Matt and I aren't exactly what you would call art buffs.  Is "art buff" what you would call someone who knows a lot about art??  After walking through the first couple of rooms we came up with the strateby of asking the guard (each room had a guard) what the special pieces were in that room.  They have lots of nice paintings including some famous pieces.
 The outside there is beautiful but we didn't get to walk around--it was really hot and Matt couldn't be out in the heat.  I kept telling him he was on the injured reserve list. 
 This metal tree is out front at the entrance.  Even though 95% of the time we had no idea what we were looking at--we still had fun!  Maybe next time we will be able to really appreciate some of the art??  We came home and then watched Tower Heist. 

Saturday morning we were supposed to get massages but the masseuse was sick.  We relaxed and took our time getting ready and then we had lunch at Jason's Deli and went to the movies and watched "People Like Us."  It was good.
After the movie Matt decided that I needed a new pair of running shoes and that we should go shopping for some.  He thinks that the reason my legs have been so sore is because my running shoes are too old and no longer properly supporting me while I run.  I tried on at least 20 pairs of shoes and decided on these babies. 

We also looked at spaghetti sauce recipes online and picked one we wanted to try and went to Wal-Mart to get all of the ingredients.  Then it was too late for us to cook because Matt wanted the spaghetti sauce to cook a long time so the flavors could meld so we went to Rib Crib, ran by Kohl's and Target, and then back to the movies to watch Men In Black 3. 

We tried to fill our weekend with relaxing activities that still kept us busy because our house is just a little too quiet without our sweet things here.  (: 

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast and made our spaghetti sauce so it could cook all day.  By this time we were chomping at the bits to see our babies.  We had a great time and we got some much needed rest this weekend and I know we are both probably better parents this week because we are re-energized but We. Were. Ready. to see our babies!!  We met Mike and DeDe to get them and we were so excited to finally get there and hug and kiss them...and they were asleep!!!  Haha!  So we just switched cars and headed home.  As soon as we got in the car with the kids--all just felt right with the world again.

Thanks Mike and DeDe for taking such good care of the kids!  They are still talking about all the fun they had.  ( :  I will post about their weekend later. 


Anonymous said...

So glad you got to have some time alone! That is nice. It is good to be able to re-connect sometimes. I know the feeling though I always enjoy just the two of us, but can't wait to see the kids!

Brandy said...

Such a fun time! And those shoes you got are so cute!

The Lovely One said...

I would love to have a whole weekend with just my husband! Even a night out is rare!

Brittany said...

Sounds like a fun time! Those shoes are so cute. Where did you find them?