Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trip to MoMo's Part 2

Well today was our first full day at MoMo's.  We all three slept in the same bed last night and all I remember was elbows and knees--at some point I took my earrings off in my sleep and ended up sleeping on them and Reid's paci.  Ha! 
 We got up this morning and I fixed the kids a "special breakfast" which was really just their usual breakfast served in these cute dishes I picked up in the dollar section at Wal-Mart.  They both LOVED drinking out of those glasses.  It's the little things in life.  ( ; 
 Next we got ready and then played Hungry Hippos for the first time.  They both really enjoy this game!!
 I had to watch Reid, though, because he kept wanting to just hold the hippo's mouth open and shove the marbles (or "eggs" as Lilly calls them) into the hippo's mouth. 
 I think we may have some competitive kids because they both took it really seriously.  Ha! 
 After our games we went outside and played with some sidewalk chalk that MoMo had bought them. 

 Then we took a couple of Instagram photos to send to Daddy because we were (are) missing him. 

 I don't know how well you can see it but they pretty much colored their legs and feet with sidewalk chalk, too. 
 Then Reid found Papa Ray's Harley do-rag (?) and put it on.  He looked so funny. 
 And Lilly put on the helmet.  We didn't touch the motorcycle.  And they won't as long as they live under our roof.  Ha! 

Then we went to the park while MoMo did a little work and then ate lunch at 15th Street Diner.  We came home and the kids took naps while MoMo, Blayne, and I played some Phase 10.  I won.  Just sayin'.  ( ;
 This evening we went to go see Brave.  I got Reid to go by telling him there were bears in it.  He is obsessed with bears right now.  Whatever they are playing, he is always the bear.  There is a big scary bear at the beginning and after that part of the movie he said really loudly, "That was SCARY bear!" and the whole theater laughed.
 And just for funny--when I went to take their pictures the theater is really dark and I think my flash blinded them for a second because these were the pictures I got.  ( : 
We are having fun but we really miss and love Daddy SO much!!


Courtney said...

Glad you guys are having so much fun. Logan and Madison love playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos!

Jodi said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the cups too.