Thursday, August 13, 2009

11 Months!!!!!!

Although I still don't believe it, Lilly turned 11 months old on Saturday! So, Lilly-bean..what have you been up to? I believe you are training to be some type of demolitionist. You love to take everything off of a shelf or out of a cabinet. This above picture could be taken any morning because this is what you do to entertain yourself in the bathroom while Mommy gets ready. Mommy discovered that it is easier to let you "explore" and get ready, then pick it all up before we leave the bathroom. Otherwise, you pull at Mommy's legs and want to "help" Mommy get ready...this, as it turns out, is not very helpful.
You are a clapping fool!! It is so funny. We say, "Yay Lilly" and you just giggle and clap. You are also very encouraging and clap for other people, too!
Just the other day you followed Mommy all over the house and clapped for her while she vacuumed. Sometimes it is nice to be so excitedly recognized for household chores!!!!

Just being cute--Lilly, you are just the cutest thing I know about! You crinkle your nose and make funny faces. You fake laugh when other people are laughing. Your daddy and I just can't get enough of you. We rock you before you go to sleep and while I am rocking you and you are cuddling to me, playing with my arm, right before you go to sleep...I think to myself, "this must be some of the greatest moments in life!" I think that a lot when I am spending time with you and your daddy...and soon Reid. The other day you said, "Bubba"--now this has to be coincidental because we have never called him that but it was still so sweet and cute.
You LOVE your paci's!! We put you down at night with one in your mouth and an extra in the crib. In the like to have them both. One in the mouth, one in the hand. We play hide the paci and you think that is very fun. You also try to share your paci with Mommy and Daddy and frequently try to shove them in our mouths. Silly girl! You like to play games...peek-a-boo, hiding toys, tickle monster, chase, etc. You are extremely interactive.
This is where I put you if I have to shower while you are not napping. You can't be trusted to roam around on your own unsupervised! You are into everything!!! So, you have your morning snack. You feed yourself puffs (and other finger foods) and eat ice through the mesh feeder. You LOVE ice! You also love mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy, raviolis, crescent rolls, refried beans, certain kinds of macaroni (NOT the Kraft noodles) and cheese, and a couple other things. You do not like the texture of several foods...we are working on that.
You are a very social girl! You love other people. You get stir crazy in the house just like Mommy does. The above picture is from lunch with Great Grandma Berti. First, we went to the Golden Corral and you loved it because you could eat several different foods there. Second, you visited with every table around us and got very excited when someone new would sit down. Third, you "talked" to everyone. You always are going to be friendly and chatty--just like your daddy. Haha.
You are kind of the center of attention. As in this picture...if you notice I can get you to look at the camera, but the adults in the picture--forget it! I worry about how you will handle sharing the spotlight with a baby brother, but you love other kids so much I think you will enjoy the company. Plus, you are just sooo sweet...I can't imagine you not liking him...and I figure you will still get a good amount of attention. We do kind of like you, you know. (c:
You also "play" with Tank...AKA chase and tackle Tank. We are really working on "being easy" right now. Tank is such a good dog though, he just lets you roll all over him and then calmly walks away...that is where the chasing begins. You are an animal lover of all sorts. You are just fascinated by them all. You are also trying to take first steps, but haven't managed to stay balanced yet (probably because you are on your tippy toes).
For your eleven month birthday, we decided to celebrate and let you have a cupcake. We are in the process of trying to find out which cake you will prefer at your birthday party and that takes actual field research folks!!! (Taste-testing, you know.) Here is a slide show of photos of Miss Priss enjoying the far, chocolate is a thumbs-up choice.

Yay for cupcakes!
You are not big on the did not appreciate it getting you messy.

Ate the cupcake, left the icing.
Messy, messy, messy.....
So it was bath time. You love bath time!
There is always more. I could type for days, but I think this gives a pretty good idea of what you like to do with your days! We love you so much sweet girl and can't believe you are going to be a year old soon. That seems so monumental! We couldn't imagine life without you and love you so very much...we pray for more time with you everyday and hope God gives us so many years to enjoy with you. It is so fun watching you grow and play and learn!

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