Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who let the dog out??

Lilly did!! Yesterday, Lilly managed to let Tank out of his kennel...apparently she was ready to play. I was eating my cereal when Tank walked by...I did a double-take and Lilly was by his kennel with the door open...smiling really big and giggling.

Such a mess. She has also started clapping. I got it on video and will post it tomorrow (Thursday), but videos take a while to upload and I am ready to go to bed! On Monday she got her 10 month photos taken--I can't wait to see them. She had her hands in her mouth a lot (yes, still teething) so we will see if he was able to get any pictures of her without her hands shoved in her mouth. We went to the doctor to check on Reid today--everything looks great. I go back weekly now until he gets here! Time is flying during this pregnancy. We also got his crib in so hopefully this weekend after his baby shower (so excited!!) we can get his area all set up! I feel like I need to get ready for him to be here. This is a crazy busy week for us, but I should have plenty of time to get all nested and ready after this weekend.

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