Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reid's Shower

Last Sunday was Reid's baby shower. We were so blessed to have so many people shower us with love and gifts for our little bundle! Lilly was there to party it up! This is her sliding down a glass door. Hilarious!
This was a table where my sister had little bags with sour patch kids inside them...that was something I craved early on in the pregnancy. She also made the giraffe book shelves and the two picture frames in the background for Reid's room. She is super-talented!
One of the gifts Reid received was this stick horse. My grandma is laughing really hard because she almost got caught on camera riding the stick horse. Haha.
Lilly got to see lots of family. This is her with her Great Aunt Becky and Great Uncle Larry.
DeDe and Lilly
Lilly's cousin Emma and Aunt Michelle (the hostess) --don't they look just alike?
Me, MoMo, Lilly, Aunt Shelly, and Emma Michelle (my sister, Lilly's Aunt Shelly), Mom (MoMo), and Me....ready to pop!
This was the food table. Everything was so elaborate and beautiful!
A close-up of the cake. It is from Shelby Lynn's and was soooo good!
The punch not only tasted really good, but it also was all foggy and neat looking too!
My sister made these letters to hang above Reid's bed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I will post a picture later this week of his room all set up.
Grandpa Dennis stopped by to say hi to Lilly at the end of the shower.
Big Mama's in the house!! Me, Cori-a friend from college, and Brittney-a friend and my hair stylist. I am due September 10th, Cori is due at the end of November, and Brittney is due September 22. Reid already has little buddies!! (c:
Emma and Lilly playing at the shower. Such beautiful girls!
I love this little girl! At the shower Lisa (somehow managed not to get a picture of you Lisa??) planned a couple of games to play. One was where she would say the adult animal and you had to write down the name of the baby animal (i.e. horse-colt)....well, at the end of the game I felt like I should turn in my teaching license because I did so poorly, but anywho, Great Grandma Odie won that one! The other game was to create a toilet paper diaper. The teams were as follows:
Great Grandma Odie and Allison, DeDe and Aunt CiCi (not pictured)
Cousin Michelle and Aunt GiGi
Cori and Jan
MoMo, Emma, and Aunt Shelly...they were going for super absorbency..haha.
Roxane and Brittney
Great Aunt Vivian and Great Aunt Lois.....and the winners were......
Aunt GiGi and Michelle!! I felt as though their's looked the most like a diaper and the least like a jock strap! It was pretty funny to watch them play this game and I am sure they all appreciate me posting these photos..haha. We had such a great shower and were so blessed! Special thank you to my sister, mom, aunt gigi, and Lisa for throwing such a more than perfect shower for us! We love you guys!!!


MoMo said...

It is even more fun looking at the photos remembering all of the laughing.

Mary Lynn said...

Such fun party pics! And those letters your sister did spelling his name are SO SO CUTE! Can't wait to see the room.