Monday, August 10, 2009

Too Cute!!

Okay, so we had a wonderful whirlwind weekend. Friday was Matt and I's 5 year anniversary. Saturday Lilly turned 11 months old (OMGosh). Then, Sunday was Reid's Baby Shower. What a weekend. Each one of those deserves it's own post!! So, tonight I am just going to post a couple of things that I custom ordered for Lilly and Reid that I got to see for the first time this weekend. They both turned out better than perfect!!!! First, I ordered these toy tins from WhimsyTin -she is sooo talented! I sent her pictures of Lilly's room and she matched it perfectly. The green zebra print at the top matches a rug in Lilly's room and the circles and colors match Lilly's bedding. This turned out sooo cute and I just love it. I will post a picture of it in her room. This is the front!

And, this is the back. Lilly has enjoyed taking the toys out of it and getting into it herself. Haha. She is really enjoying both hers and Reid's. Jamie--they are perfect....we can't tell you how much we LOVE them both!

This is Reid's. I thought his turned out super-amazing because she had to draw all of the animals! Again, I just sent a picture of Reid's bedding and said we were doing some zoo animals and this is what she came up with! AWESOME! This is the front.

And this is the back! LOVE it!!!

Then, I ordered Miss Priss a tutu and tees set with matching bows for two special events from APrincessCanPlayToo . The tutu goes with two tees. One has Lilly's name and a big One on it for her first birthday!!!! And, the other has "Reid's Big Sister" on it. I got this for the hospital, but then when I saw it I was like, "She HAS to wear this to the shower!!" This is our sweet girl from the back!
The front of the shirt. Although it is too stinking cute in this picture, pictures really don't do it justice!
A close up of Miss Thang and her big frilly bow. LOVE it!!
She loves it too!!
I believe she is talking about how cute she looks.
Isn't she just a doll? I know I am partial, but I am pretty sure she is just the best thing ever!! Amber, we LOVE the whole set!!! You did such a great job! Again, it is just perfect! I will post a picture of her birthday onesie this week too. I can't believe it is already time to buy her a birthday outfit!!!!!

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Jaime said...

Oh she looks so cute in that bucket!!! Do you care if I steal it and put it on the Whimsy Tin website?? I am glad you liked both of them!!!