Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wild Weekend

Ok so "wild weekend" might be overselling it! On Friday afternoon, I called Lilly's Great Grandma Odie to see if she would be interested in fixing us breakfast Saturday morning. To my great delight, she did!! So, Saturday morning Lilly got to try GG's famous biscuits and gravy and boy did she LOVE them! Yummy! Lilly is also a "big girl" bather. She doesn't have any baby tubs during bath time now.
Man does she move all over the bath tub...and everywhere else for that matter.
On a funny/gross note. She got an early bath tonight because she decided to play with the water in the toilet! It was clean clean as toilet water can be I guess. I was in her room and Matt was in the living room and she kept going back and forth down the hallway between us. So, I thought she was with him and he thought she was in the room with me and all of the sudden we realized she wasn't with either of us. Apparently on the way in between us, she saw the toilet seat up and decided it was time to play in the water. Nasty! We stripped her down and gave her a bath immediately. Silly girl. As I keep saying, she is into everything!!!
We bought this faucet cover this weekend to prevent Matt from going into cardiac arrest while she was in the bathtub. Any time she was in falling distance of the faucet he would get all tense and jumpy! The frog has worked out very nicely--love it!
As mentioned in the previous post, Lilly is teething. She has one tooth completely through and the other one is right under the gum. Well, she LOVES the electric toothbrush. She had Daddy's toothbrush for like 20 minutes both yesterday and today. For those of you without a 10 and a half month takes something pretty special to keep attention for that long!

"This feels soooo good on my sore gums!"
She got my headbands out while we were getting ready this morning. So, daddy put one on her and she kept it on! She just played and played with the headband on! Such a cutie!!
Today we had lunch with our friend Roxane at Abuelos. We ran into a fellow blogger--Kelly from Kelly's Korner--if you remember about 6 months ago I asked for prayer for her little girl who was born and had to be in the NICU for a while...that is her. Her daughter Harper is doing great and she is really adorable! Anyway, they were seated at the table right behind us so Lilly and Harper had a little conversation. Small world!!!! After lunch, we went to Target to walk around for a little while. I think you can tell that Lilly enjoys a little shopping.
Those bottom teeth shining through and her hair is getting a little wild! It is growing in thick everywhere, but it only seems to be getting longer right on the sides. I think she is getting sideburns. Haha.
While at Target, we got Miss Priss her own electric toothbrush so we didn't have to share germs anymore. It kept her entertained all throughout Target! Plus, she has used it several times since we've been home. This was a good cheap investment.
All in all we had a great weekend! Lilly took her first toy-assisted steps this weekend. She has a little shopping cart and she went all over the living room walking behind and holding on to the shopping cart. She also held onto her walker and took a few steps behind it in the kitchen today too!


Jennifer said...

She looks like she is having a blast in the bathtub!
We have to keep all our toilet lids down now because we found Brody playing in the toilet, too! Haha!

Mary Lynn said...

I love watching Matt with Lilly...I know he is such a good daddy. She is precious!

MoMo said...

I love the picture of her laughing while shopping. i can hardly wait to see her.