Friday, July 31, 2009

Tooth #3

Well, Lilly has been working on her two top teeth! This morning her top left took broke the skin a little bit. This (or the motrin) must have relieved the soreness a little bit because she slept until her normal 8:30. Not the case for the past two mornings. We understood though because her little gums where those two teeth will be are SO swollen and red. Poor baby girl.
There is a big piece of ice inside the mesh feeder. Her and mommy have eaten a lot of ice lately. She bites down really hard...
and sucks the water out. It must feel really good on those sore gums because she can do this all day!
She has really been in a good mood despite teething. At night, she just had a hard time getting comfortable enough to fall back asleep if she woke up. She would pretty much wake up as soon as the tylenol and teething tablets started wearing off. Hopefully, she will have a couple of days of relief before the other tooth decides to try and break the skin.


Jennifer said...

Bless her heart! I know that has to hurt. I hate teething! Brody has 8 teeth and we think he is getting his one year molars, but he will not let us look.
We do the ice in the mesh feeder too and he really enjoys it! I hope that other tooth comes in soon!

Leah said...

Poor girl. Perri is teething too (working on #2) so I feel your pain! Not fun at all. Perri and I just got in to Benton today and are staying until next Saturday I think so if you are going to happen to be in the area let me know and we should meet up!!

MoMo said...

I sure miss my Lilly Grace... I hope those teeth come in soon. She is so beautiful, just like her Mommy.