Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Around Here....

Well, first off, Lilly is 10 months old today! I will be doing her 10 month post tomorrow since we haven't blogged in so long! We loaded up last Thursday and went to Benton...on may I say not much sleep...for the first time EVER Lilly woke up in the middle of the night Wednesday wanting to play! We turned all of the lights off so she would know it was bed time and she got like an inch away from our faces and was going "oh, ooohhh, oh" was pretty cute, but we did not play! DeDe and Lilly. Oh yeah, Lilly is feeling and sleeping better now! (Knocking on wood here, you go ahead and do it too!) We had a good time in Benton. We ate some grilled food, hung out at the pool, and Lilly sported several patriotic outfits.
DeDe trying not to get hit in the face by the wild jumper! We decided not to do fireworks this year...we were afraid it would scare her, it was past her bedtime, and Matt is just not into the fireworks. She did watch some on tv though!
Sunday we went to church. This is Lilly with Aunt Kay. Notice she is still on her tippy toes.
Thomas and Lilly at lunch after church at DeDe and Grandpa's.
Love this face. Love this girl!!!
" Watcha doin' Grandma Betty?"
Jennifer had little Colt. I forgot to ask if it was okay if I blogged about it or put pictures of him on I am just posting this one and saying that he is too stinking adorable---and compared to Lilly...he is sooo tiny!
Uncle Bert and Lilly. Lilly loves Uncle Bert! She never hesitates to go to him and if he is laying on the floor, she believes that he is her own personal jungle gym and climbs (or tries to climb) all over him!
Eli and Lilly both open-mouthed. I decided Lilly needed a new picture with her cousin Eli since the last one I have of them together is him holding her as a new newborn! We came back home Sunday evening.
This is what I like to call, "Lilly's path of destruction". I clean it up a couple of times a day but that is pretty much only so she can mess it all back up again!
"Who, me???"
Yesterday, Lilly and I were on our way home from lunch with Daddy. As we turned on our street....Thank God that is where it happened", I felt like I hit the curb or something. We got home (like feet away) and the tire was completely flat with a hole in it! So, when Matt got home, we walked down to see what I had done to this poor tire. This hook-looking thing is what we found. I guess ran over it and never saw it! Thanks to Matt and roadside assistance (finally got some return on this investment), we are all up and running again. Well, Lilly has pulled up on the couch and is trying to help me type so I better go for now!

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Mary Lynn said...

Glad you all had a fun 4th. We were at the lake and we didn't do fireworks either but Bobo couldn't resist some sparklers. He just put them in the lawn and lit them and Robert held Lucy so she wouldn't run toward them. But really she was pretty indifferent. Can't believe Lilly is 10 months! That little brother will be here before you know it.