Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a Weekend!!

This picture is supposed to be at the bottom...and part of it is but for some reason it showed up funky and it is too cute not to post in a clear manner!
Well, we loaded up again and headed to Benton this weekend! We had a birthday bash filled time! Saturday was Grandpa's birthday so we got together at his house and he cooked dinner....I am not sure how he got roped into cooking his own birthday dinner, but it was good!

Then, Sunday we celebrated MamMa's 80th birthday (her b-day is Tuesday). We started by going to church...the whole gang...and sitting with MamMa as a surprise! She was really surprised and the service was great! Pastor Rick always has messages that I get! Another thing that made the service special was that Thomas and Ray (we call them our nephews but I guess they are our little cousins??) made their profession of faith today! It was truly a memorable event all the way around and such a special Sunday.

This is Uncle Bert, Matt, and Lilly sitting in front of the flowers that were donated to the church in MamMa's honor today. Doesn't she look like a little amish child or pioneer hat?? Haha. I couldn't help it--I just love the hat!

After church, we headed to Aunt Kay's house for MamMa's big party! Here is Thomas and our little party girl.

Grandma Betty, Lilly, and the birthday girl herself.

Grandma Betty and Lilly. She enjoyed sitting in her lap and watching everyone at the party. Lilly is a pretty big people watcher.

Thomas, Ray, and Lilly...she is just checking them out.

Lilly and Melissa

Aunt Becca, Melissa, and little Colt. I can't think of him as just "Colt"..."little Colt" is what comes to mind because he is just so tiny compared to our little Lilly. I got to hold him and it was like holding air! I know it wasn't long ago that Lilly was that tiny or even tinier, but I just kind of forget how small that really is!

Bert, Uncle Bill, Matt, and Mike--Uncle Bill was Matt's PapPa's brother. This is the first time I had the pleasure of meeting him. It was a treat to meet so many new people and see some that I hadn't seen since Matt and I got married.

Partying....Lilly style!

Little Colt all partied out. Ahh, to be able to just sleep in the midst of a birthday party!

Aunt Ruth (PapPa's sister) and MamMa

Jennifer and Lilly...doesn't she look great for having a baby three weeks ago????!

The whole gang!

MamMa and her girls. Debbie, MamMa, Aunt Kay

Debbie and Aunt Kay..sisters

Matt and MamMa. Matt sure loves his MamMa...that makes me love him even more!

After the party, on our way out of town, we stopped by to see Granddaddy and Eutha. It was so good to see them! We ended up having dinner with them before we left and enjoyed getting to spend some quality time together! Look at them checking each other out...too cute!

This is my favorite photo! Granddaddy is so funny! Also, right before we left, he told Lilly to sleep all the way home and all night long for Mommy and Daddy. Now, I don't know about the all night long part.....BUT for the FIRST time EVER Lilly slept all the way home!!!! We were able to get her out of the car and lay her in her crib..straight to bed. We may be calling Granddaddy to get Lilly to bed every night! Haha. We had a great weekend--hope you did too!


darnold23 said...

Unless you are using a Mac, try downloading Windows Live Writer. It is sooooo much better than trying to write using Blogger. It's easy to use and helps tons with the picture problems. Sorry we missed Mary Faye's birthday bash. I'm up in Fay this week. Cute pictures of everybody.

The Malones said...

That does sound like a great weekend! And, what a joy that now your cousins that you refer to as nephews are now truly your brothers in Christ!!!!!!!!!