Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lilly's Legs Gone Wild Videos

Well, Lilly has become quite the little speedster lately. This morning Lilly was playing in the living room. I literally left the room to put her pjs in the hamper in her room (remind you that we do not live in a large place) and came right back and she was nowhere to be found in the living room! She had made her way to the next room and was trying to free Tank from his kennel. Haha. They look like they just got caught, don't they? She also figured out that she can go all over the house...following you wherever you might go. All of the reasons we "child-proofed" the house are now in progress! Now for the videos I promised....these are actually different ones than I was talking about, but I had so many and didn't want to overwhelm you with videos so I will post the rest later. The following are too cute though! They are actually backwards in order...but whatever.

Blowing some raspberries! (VIDEO above)

Crazy legs!! (VIDEO above)

(VIDEO above) We took Lilly to the pool last night and she became a wild crazy splashing machine. She did this for at least 30 minutes....probably a lot longer. I don't know how she didn't just pass out from exhaustion. Matt and I both had sore arms just from holding her! Haha. Have a good 4th of July in case we don't post again until then!

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The Malones said...

This is adorable!!! We should meet at Cici's sometime soon so I can see her legs gone wild in person!!! Or, you're always welcome down here in VB! You guys could come swim any time!!