Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 Months

Well, our baby turned 10 months old yesterday! Where did the time go? How has it possibly been 10 months???? I can't believe how fast time is going by! I feel like she was only 9 months for a few days!? Well, Lilly, what are you up to at 10 months? Let's start with a little bit of mischief...... Yesterday, Lilly and I went to good old Wal-Mart for some grocery shopping. Any time we go alone, she sits in the front of the cart because it is no fun trying to push a stroller and a shopping cart around at the same time. So, to keep her entertained, and to settle her nosiness, I put certain items up front with her and she holds them while we shop. She has a good time. Yesterday one of the items I gave to Lilly was a good size bag of chopped walnuts....she likes to shake the bags. So she is playing with it and I am looking for a shopping cart cover for her when I start to feel several little things hitting my feet. "What in the world??", I think. I look up and she has managed to rip the bag in two and chopped walnuts are EVERYWHERE. In the above picture, all of the little dots on the ground are chopped walnuts courtesy of Miss Priss. Clean up on the baby isle. I was a little embarrassed as I tracked somebody down to let them know about our mess. Sorry again Wal-Mart! What else have little Lilly been doing?
Well, her shirt says "little firecracker" and it pretty much rings true. (Side note: Lilly wore this outfit yesterday and at least three people told me what an adorable little boy I had....we will never wear blue without a bow again!) Anywho, she is into everything these days. I am amazed at what she can get into! Her favorite two things these past couple of days have been the door on Tank's kennel and the fly swatter. I had to wash and lysol the fly swatter because she is obsessed with it.
Lilly, you are crawling like a maniac! You are also pulling up, or trying to pull up, on everything! I am pretty sure this is going to send your daddy into cardiac arrest because he is so nervous you are going to fall and hurt yourself. You did bump your head on Aunt CiCi's coffee table tonight as you were going from standing to sitting. Since I was only a couple of feet away from you, Daddy looked at Mommy like I pushed you down myself. How could I let that happen? I am sorry to both of you, but I have a feeling it will not be your only little bump or fall.
You and I also pretty much go in circles all day long. I clean up one area while you "play" (create a giant mess) in another....and then we switch spots. You are hilarious because as soon as you notice something has been put up, off you crawl to get it all back out again. In fact, we play with these toy animals in a barn daily...making animal noises, saying which animal is which, etc...and I put the animals in the barn while you grin really big and take it right back out. You really enjoy this and will do it for as long as Mommy is willing to play. Oh, you made your first animal noise. Tank was barking at something and you went, "woof". Then, you did the same thing when Chipper was barking. Mommy, on the other hand has made a fool of herself barking and you refuse to "woof" for me.
Today, you pulled up on Aunt CiCi's coffee table and then while holding on took steps around it. These were your first steps without holding Mommy and Daddy's hands. I feel like everyday you are doing something new that is huge! You will feed yourself puffs. I can only put one out at a time, though, because you pick up all that are laid out. You can only feed yourself one at a time...the rest just get stuck in your palm.
You are giving us a pretty rough time with the whole sleep thing. I think after being sick for three weeks, you kind of got in the habit of us coming in there all the time in the middle of the night and rocking and soothing you. We are working on getting things back to normal.
You are also eating more "real" food. You are a little stinker when it comes to baby food because you want "real" food instead. You ate a whole helping of mashed potatoes yesterday and a good chunk of GG Odie's fried potatoes tonight. I made you some Mac n' Cheese and mashed it up the other day, but you weren't crazy about it and one bite took forever for you to eat...we aren't quite ready for that yet!
You say "Mama" and "Dada" all the time and know which one of us you are talking to. If you need something (or want something), you whine "Mamamama". It is really definitely know how to work us. You are also becoming a tad spoiled and strong-willed. You have a mind of your own and let us know when we are not pleasing you! All in all though, you are the sweetest (maybe a little partial) baby girl I have ever known. You are very loving and happy and we are just so blessed to be your parents. Oh, and you think you are bigger than you are! You keep trying to take off and kind of forget you don't know how yet! When you first started pulling up and would would get your feelings hurt like somebody was pushing you down. Now, you just giggle and start over. Like always, I am sure I am leaving something out, but I will add it when I think of it! We love you so much sweet baby girl!!!

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Thanks for stopping by and I will pass on the greetings to Emily. I know you are going to be super busy when new baby boy arrives, so get out the crock pot and join me for Crock Pot Wednesdays beginning August 5!