Saturday, July 11, 2009

"The Boy"/Weekend

Well, we have finally reached an agreement on a name for "the boy". After trying and trying to convince Matt the name should be Parker...I gave up...he said it was too pretty. Then, after thinking maybe Benjamin or Blake...we couldn't pick after weeks of deliberation. So, after many weeks, discussions, and disagreements, we finally settled on a name we both like..........

Reid!!!! We haven't 100% sure decided on the middle name but we are leaning towards Hudson so it would be "Reid Hudson Scott". I love it!! It has been really nice not having to refer to him as "the boy" anymore! I felt like such a bad impersonal! Also, we have decided how we will decorate the nursery. This above blanket is going to be one of his bedding blankets (I do two because you always need a backup). It pretty much has the nursery colors in it. There is also a really soft green. We are going to do "zoo animals" in there too....monkeys, giraffes, alligators, elephants, etc. I went to Hobby Lobby with my sister today and got the stuff to make his letters that will hang above the crib and the stuff to decorate them, a couple of picture frames and the stuff to make them, and his baby book. My sister scrapbooked Lilly's baby book (and letters and picture frames) and it is AWESOME and she is going to do the same for Reid! I am so excited. We are also going to the zoo next week so I am hoping to find some great stuff for the nursery.
Lilly has just been goofing around this weekend!
She wore this on her head for quite a while. She just kept looking up and grinning.
She also has gotten extremely ticklish and does this deep belly laugh. I LOVE it and just can't get enough of it. Thank God for the ability to hear that little laugh!
Lilly attended her first wedding tonight and was a big hit! During the service we sat in the row right in front of a little girl that was 8 months old and Lilly and her kept "talking" during the ceremony. The preacher is praying and you can hear two babies going "ohhh" "oh" "ah"....and two sets of parents going "shhh". She was so good and happy during the wedding and reception...both of which were just beautiful. I love going to weddings...they just remind me of the commitment and just how important marriage is (I can't find the right words to describe it)...not that I need to be reminded. I also just really love being married and like to see other people join the "club"!
Daddy and Lilly at the wedding.
Lilly drinking some punch. By the way Grandpa, Lilly got TONS of compliments on her flower and headband!
Tonight as we were trying to get her PJs on (it has kind of turned into a two-person task), Lilly grabbed her sunglasses so I put them on her....she is TOO cute!!


Cori said...

She really is too cute!! I love the name Reid, and I love the monkey room idea! If we were having a boy, we were going to do monkeys, also! Are you going to be having a shower?

Leah said...

LOVE the name Reid! So so cute!! I'm sorry I totally forgot to tell you we were in Arkansas, but I think we'll be back up sometime this summer, and also probably for Labor Day weekend as well so maybe we can meet up then? No, Perri didn't see the fireworks, we put her to bed and hung out with my parents haha. Some idiots by us were shooting off huge ones so stinking loud and woke her but she went back to sleep thankfully. And all around our neighborhood were signs about "respect your neighbors" and "against neighborhood policy" to shoot them. But they still did.. anyhow haha.


What a beautiful baby girl, I love the name Reid and the bedding you have picked out. I am a Homeschool Teacher and MOM to 7 blessings. I hope to come back and get caught up with your posts. Hope you can stop by my blog soon:) Blessings,

The Malones said...

I love the name, Reid!