Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kansas City Trip

On Wednesday DeDe, Matt, Lilly, and I loaded up and headed to Kansas City for an extended weekend. While this post has a zillion pictures, I have divided them by day and kept the comments to a minimum...we had a blast!

We got to KC and met up with Matt's cousin Karl and his wife Jenny for dinner. We ate at a Guadalajaran restaurant where the owner came out and was explaining some of the menu items and said, "Oh the flavor on this kill yourself!" (Instead of "to die for"...I thought it was cute!) We also got to see their beautiful new home!!
Well, Thursday there was a chance of rain so we decided to go for indoors.
I LOVE her face in this photo.
Our little family. We headed to The Legends Shopping Center and did some shopping. I think I now own part of Carter's after all of the stuff I bought. There is a reason God does not have me living where there is a Carter's store!!!!!
Then, after tons of shopping, we headed to Cabela's (just like a Bass Pro Shop) because we knew they had an aquarium and animal exhibits. The catfish were HUGE!! This is one of the small ones!
This looks like a painting but it isn't! The landscape in the background is painted, but the animals are real (stuffed). This worked pretty well because Lilly was able to see them...I wish some of them weren't so violent!
Again, the elephants, and all of the animals are real (stuffed) and life-sized.
Bad day to be a wildebeest.

I didn't even get a fraction of the animal displays like this! They are all over the store. There is an entire room devoted to deer. Matt and I are not really "outdoorsy" folk so we didn't purchase anything in here.
Friday was Zoo Day!!! Her shirt says "New at the Zoo" She wasn't exactly in the mood for photos...apparently she thought she was getting a vacation from those too...silly girl!

There we go! There's that million dollar smile!
The best photo I could get with DeDe.
Feeding the goats. We could've ridden the camels but Matt said she was too little and I was too pregnant. Debbie also said she wasn't sure my baby hump would fit between the camel's humps....
I never knew Vultures were so gigantic!
DeDe, Lilly, Daddy
A tortoise on the move!
We could not have asked for better weather for the zoo (or the weekend). Lilly LOVED it. She really liked the Meerkats and this monkey that kept jumping into the glass. The Kansas City Zoo was great.....worth a little longer drive because it was so much better. Also, on Saturday and Sundays at 2:00, the elephants paint portraits that you can buy....we are so doing that next time!
After the zoo, we headed to the Crown Centre to hit the Crayola shop and the this really cool toy store, but there was also this art exhibit of this made of Lego's...Everything in the above picture is built out of Lego's ... it was pretty neat!
We went to the Great Mall for some more outlet shopping. We did a good amount of damage here too! Lilly needed to get out and move a little bit so she had her first experience with the mall play area. We sanitized her from head to toe afterward....I am still worried she might have the swine flu...haha...just kidding. Saturday night, we went and watched the KC T-bones play some baseball! It was also redneck week at the park and they hosted some "Redneck Olympics".

Hanging out at the game...playing with the sunscreen.
Sunday, we went to the T-Rex Eating Place. This place is insane!!! There was an aquarium in the room we ate in and there is stimulating stuff everywhere. Moving dinosaurs. Huge fake jellyfish, octopus, and other stuff hanging from the ceiling. There are waterfalls and they have an exploding volcano with lava flow projected onto a rock wall in one room. Insane!
Saying "Cheese" with Dexter...I think I look more scared than she does. Lilly was just looking at everything and taking it all in!
This dino moves and she thought about petting it but changed her mind.

This was huge and is right when you walk in...he moves and makes noises.
This is the small one outside. There is one that is huge and goes over the whole entrance but I couldn't get it to fit in my camera picture area.
We had such a great time and will definitely go back next year! We made it home safely and were so blessed to have such a good little getaway!


Amber said...

What a fun trip!!!! Looks like ya'll had a blast!!!

Cori said...

Are you going to keep all of Lilly's cute headbands when she gets older?