Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Errands and Cleaning

Yesterday, Lilly and I ran a few errands. We had lunch with Matt and then we ran into the mall to exchange some PJs for a bigger size--Miss Priss just insists on growing at rapid speeds! Anyway, we were about to leave the mall when all of the sudden there was a monsoon-like rain storm! So, we got stuck at the mall for a little while. Resisting my urge to do some shopping...you know, while in Rome...or the mall, whatever, I decided to take Lilly to the play area instead. "Hello there pretty girl!" She talked to herself for a little while. There was also this little thing that looks like a stump. It raises up about 6 inches off the ground--kind of like a stair step. Well, miss adventure figured out how to climb up on top of it!! And, just as quickly learned how to crawl right off the other side of it. She did a small face plant into the floor. Although inside I was holding my breath, on the outside I just smiled and told her how big she was for learning to climb. She took it really well--scared me, but she is just fine!
Then, everyone else stuck in the mall thought of the same grand idea---the play area. So, Lilly followed all of the other little kids around trying to do what they were doing (i.e. walk..haha). After about 10 minutes we were able to leave and get our grocery shopping done and head home for a quiet night.
Today, we just hung out at the house and cleaned up a little bit. I am doing some pretty bad nesting right now so even though the house was clean...I just kept finding stuff to clean. Haha. Anyway, Lilly has figured out how to get into the cabinets and pull out the pots and pans. (Like I really have to try hard to find stuff to clean with a 10 month around??) So, that is where she chose to have her snack this morning. Apparently she wanted some skillet-cooked puffs.
"They just taste better like this Mom!"
I love my job as a stay-at-home mom. I feel so blessed to get to share all of these simple little moments with her. This has been one of those weeks where I just feel like we are the most blessed little family in the world! We love our family--you guys included--and are so blessed to be so loved in return and have our babies loved and cared for by so many others!! Thank you guys for caring about us! That's enough mush for one night! (c:

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Lindsay and Robert said...

Haha, Lilly eating out of the skillet is hilarious! Pots and pans entertain kids for hours - go figure. Love all the posts, and glad you are feeling well. I can't believe your baby boy will be here so soon!!