Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogger Slacking

Okay, so we have been slacking on the blogging because we went out of town last week and we got back Sunday and are leaving again today to go to B-town. So, we have pretty much cleaned, rested, unpacked, repacked, etc...and somewhere in all the midst of all that craziness I forgot to take any pictures! On Monday, we went to doctor for Reid's check-up and had an ultrasound done. Everything looks great for both baby and myself! Yay!!! Lilly has pretty much just played and followed me around uncleaning what I had just cleaned. She is into everything!!! She also has learned to open and shut the cabinet doors and really enjoys slamming them. She understands the word "no" but is not a big fan and generally just looks at you and cries, but she does listen and obey (for now at least)!
A'las!! A new diaper bag for Reid and Lilly. We (by we, I mean Debbie and I....not Matt and I) have been hunting for a unisex diaper bag that was a bit bigger than our current diaper bag. Now, by unisex, I do not mean that Matt will look manly carrying around--because, he is not going to be looking any more masculine carrying this than he does the pink swirly girly flower one we have right now. I mean that the print is acceptable for either a boy baby and a girl baby...after all, Reid isn't going to be toting this baby around. Back to my earlier point, it turns out diaper bags are a pretty standard size, but I was lucky enough to find this bag that has several pockets and even bottle spots on the side that will work and I love it!!! It is huge and will work store all the stuff you have to carry for two babies! So, that is my excitement of the week. Oh well, off to take care of Lilly as she is currently getting mad because I will not let her type! Have a good weekend!

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