Thursday, August 20, 2009

So, after her 11 month post, I thought of a couple of other things Miss Priss has been doing. One, she is standing on her own for brief seconds at a time. She is really working hard on her balance, which ironically, is causing her to fall more because she keeps just trying to take off. Two, she is always doing stuff that cracks us up! The other day she got to her end table and got the Mylecon bottle (a medicine bottle with a dropper that has a soft rubbery end). So, what does she decide this could be used for???
A pacifier! She went all around the house with it hanging out of her mouth just like this.

"What's the big deal Mom??" Silly girl!
As I mentioned in the previous post, she has been taste testing and so far she has a strong preference for CHOCOLATE! A girl after our own hearts in this house!
Of course, being adorable as usual. She also is so smiley and chatty (as you will see in one of the videos below).
Pointing up a storm. You see, Lilly had a little secret that I hadn't mentioned on the blog because it is just not lady-like....she started pointing a while back...just with the wrong finger. The middle one to be exact. However, GG Odie has been teaching her to point with the right one so she is getting much better at not giving people the "bird". It was quite embarrassing when someone would comment on how cute she is and then she would flip them off...I do have to admit it was a little funny too. Anyway, we are making progress! She thinks it is hilarious if she points at you and then you point back at her.
MoMo is in town!!! Yay for MoMo!! Lilly has really enjoyed her MoMo being in town these past two days. They have played and played. MoMo pushed Lilly in the stroller really fast as Mommy was trying to walk herself into labor (no luck yet). We are so glad to have MoMo in town for a few days!

(VIDEO above) Lilly has been a little chatty lately. In this video, she just goes around pulling everything out of the cabinets chatting up a storm. Again, she refuses to wave to the camera or give Mommy the time of day on camera. Today she went around the kitchen walking pushing that basket she is playing with in the beginning of the video.

(VIDEO above). This video has Lilly doing what we call the bunny hop. She just started doing it a couple of days ago. She bounces up and down on her knees. She will go across the living room like this. It is so funny! She wants to be upright so I guess this is her way of doing that and not walking. Also, at the beginning she points at Matt and he points back. She thinks that is funny!


Mary Lynn said...

Those videos are too cute -- I love her talking! And I've never seen the bunny hop....what a creative way of getting around when you can't yet walk! :-)

Cori said...

Her little voice is precious! I could listen to that all day :o)

Lindsay and Robert said...

She is talking up a storm with all that tupperware! So cute. Funny how much they love playing with that stuff - Lucy's eyes light up like I've given her a cookie, but no, it's just a plastic container with a lid. Teehee.

Hope you are feeling well - you are in the final, final stretch!!

darnold23 said...

Lily is such a ham! I definitely think she has a creative streak.