Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5 Years and Counting!!

On Friday, Matt and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! I can't believe it has been 5 years some days and some days I feel like we have been married longer. We laughed as we were talking about moments in our marriage and had such a hard time thinking of things before Lilly. Haha. How life has changed in just one year...much less since we got married 5 years ago. Anyway, for our 5 year anniversary we had planned on going back to Kauai where we honeymooned, but with all these babies around here----that just wasn't a possibility. So, we decided to head to Eureka Springs and stayed at the best BedandBreakfast . There is dessert waiting for you when you check in and they deliver breakfast to your room in the the time you choose!! It was the BEST food too. I forgot my camera so all of these pictures I borrowed from their website.
This is the suite we stayed in....notice the jacuzzi tub in the corner. I sat in the jacuzzi and watched an entire movie! Heaven on Earth...I really miss our big bath tub, but this made me appreciate and enjoy this one even more! Again, it was so nice. They have snacks and drinks that are all included set up for you too and there are also movies you can a two page list of movies to choose from.
This is the view of the outside of our suite. Matt and I got to Eureka early Friday evening and checked in. We ate the DELICIOUS dessert waiting for us (so delicious in fact that I bought the recipe book it was in), relaxed a little while, picked out a couple movies for later, and headed to dinner. We ate at an Italian restaurant called Ermilio's--it was really good, too. We had to wait a little while so we went upstairs and they had all of these board games. While waiting we played Battle Ship, Connect Four, and Guess Who. Good times. We actually did have a lot of fun. Then, we headed back to the room and watched one of our favorite movies....Notting Hill. LOVE it. On Saturday, we got around, ate lunch, and headed back home where we had set up a couple's massage! Oh, how I love a massage!!!! It was so nice and relaxing. As soon as we were finished with the massage, we raced to meet up with our little Lilly for dinner!!!!! We had such a great time, but of course we missed our baby!
What was Lilly doing while we were off gallivanting around Eureka Springs?? She was spending some quality bonding time with DeDe!
They played and played and Lilly even got to learn how to do some of DeDe's physical therapy! Haha. I couldn't get the picture of her stretching the band as far as she could with her arms, but trust me--she was really getting a work out!
They had a great time together.
We are so blessed to have somebody to care for our sweet girl so we could spend some couple time together before we have yet another baby..haha. Matt, these have seriously been the best 5 years of my life and I couldn't ask for anyone better to spend my life with. I hope God gives us so many more years together and I love you so much!!! Happy Anniversary!


Cori said...

Sounds like a GREAT anniversary! Glad you guys had a great time.. It was nice seeing you at the shower. You look great, and I can't wait to meet Reid! My shower is the first weekend in October - you will have to bring Reid and Lilly along with you!

The Malones said...

Happy Anniversary!!! It sounds like a perfect get-away trip! By the way, I'm so sorry I missed the shower Sunday!!! We drove home from Destin from 7:45 pm Fri. nite to 7:45 am Sat. morning. Then that night when we put the twins to bed, Marshall showed us a new trick: he can crawl out of his crib! Saturday night was a long one! So, by Sunday afternoon I was so sleep deprived I couldn't imagine driving 2 hours round-trip.....but I'm so sorry I couldn't be there!!!