Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lilly's News and Reid's Room

Well Lilly is in love with phones. Every time I am on the phone, she thinks it needs to be on speaker so she can talk to. Apparently, she has a lot of important information to pass along. She also thinks that she owns and controls all of the remote controls. I swear she can make the tv do things I can't get it to do!
This morning she managed to get the diaper bag down. She decided to do some investigative work. It's contents must have seemed suspicious.
"What do we have here??"

"Aha!" She pretty much took everything out for what I can only assume was a quality inspection.
Ah, Reid. Reid is the reason for the lack in posting lately. You see, I have spent every free moment I have ( moment...haha...) either trying to make sure everything is perfect for when he arrives or ...and this one has been a big one lately... trying to walk myself into labor. I really thought I would have had him by now. I had Lilly at 37 weeks 3 days. I was further along at my first check than I was with her, so I assumed I would have him at the same time. Well, I am 38 weeks today...I am considering that 4 days past due!!! So, on the agenda for today--I am going to put Lilly down for her morning nap and then when she wakes up we are going to "mall walk" and try to go into labor!! I have been blessed with wonderful pregnancies but after 2 years of being pregnant...let's just say I miss seeing my feet! and bending over without having to hold my breath! and not waking up 25 times in the night to readjust positions! etc.!!!
Back to the boy! Since we are waiting to see what our next move house-wise will be until after Reid gets here, the place we are staying at only has two bedrooms. So, Reid's room is in our room. Luckily the place we are at has a good size master bedroom!
The crib. We have a bumper pad and blanket for him, but we don't use those for several months.
His shelves and picture frames..courtesy of his Aunt Shelly.
The changing table. Again, where the dirty work is done.
His bedding blanket. You know what is missing?? Him!!!


Jennifer said...

It looks so cute! I love it!
I was just sure he would already be here by now. At least you know it's not too much longer!:)

Lyr said...

Came across you blog and wanted to tell you that I love your blog. So cute! I love what you did with the room!!