Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, lets just say the Scott's New Year started pretty low key! On New Years Eve, we just stayed at home and watched Four Christmases (the spit up scene is my favorite--laugh until I cry!) and I worked on the slide-show from the previous post. At midnight I went to tell Matt "Happy New Year", but he had fallen asleep in the recliner. What can I say? We are some exciting folks!
New Years day we just laid around the house and played with the kiddos and watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic". I thought it was adorable. Lilly kept going to the door all day so we decided we should get out.
We met our friends John and Brittney and their two kids Trevor and Cruz for dinner at Chilis. I didn't get any photos but I should have because Trevor came walking in the restaurant with an eye patch and pirate tattoos. Adorable!
I am OBSESSED with Chili's lately. I am always craving it (and NO I am not pregnant-ha!). Matt said he thinks they must be "sprinkling some crack on their food" because I want it so much lately. He cracks me up. They just have a great menu--you can order a different thing every day of the week if you want to. Attention Chili's Franchise--If you would like a spokeswoman whose blog is read by a limited number of people--I will work for cheese dip and salsa!!! Moving on...
After dinner we went to Wal-Mart because Miss Priss had eaten us out of house and home! She kept running around Wal-Mart and sitting on the shelves.
There is never a dull moment!
While we were there, we looked through the Christmas aisle. I got a 6 1/2 foot pre-lit tree (one where if one bulb goes out, the rest of the lights still work) that goes together in three pieces, tree stand included for---wait, if you are not seated then you need to sit for this......$8!! Can you believe that deal?? It put me in a good mood for at least three more days!! I also got some shatterproof deep red ornaments for 50 cents a package and some deep red stockings for $2. I was in Sale Heaven.

Today (and both of the previous days) we watched football. We started this morning off by watching the Hogs basketball game. Don't get Matt started. If you didn't watch, we pretty much handed the game to UBA with 1 second left on the clock. Then, we went over to Lilly's great aunt GiGi and Uncle Mike's house to watch the Hogs play E. Carolina in the Liberty Bowl. Let's just say we squeaked by with the win...but a win is a win-am I right?
Aunt GiGi fixed the BEST red beans and rice and hot wings. OH. MY! Soooo good. She, Lilly, and I went and picked up the twins for some play fun! In the photo above is Aunt GiGi, Lilly, and Eva Kate.
"Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?" Haha. I love the look on his face. He is really just wandering why in the world we are trying to get his attention when he is clearly watching t.v.!
Eva Kate is making her "silly face". Both of the twins are so precious. Eva Kate was so sweet to Lilly. She kept coming up to her while they were playing and just hugging her! How adorable is that?
I just LOVE this photo. Reid just kept smiling at her.
Lilly in her PJs ready to go home. The past two nights she has fallen asleep in the car and we have been able to just take her inside and put her in bed. Matt said this is "life changing"! Ha. It really is because before if she fell asleep on the way home then she would want to be up for a couple of hours once we got home! So far, even though it has only been three days, we have been blessed beyond belief already this year! And I even forgot to eat some black-eyed peas! Don't worry-I am going to eat some tomorrow to make up for it. (c;
Oh, and I forgot to put this sooner, we got our PERFECT Christmas cards from GirafficArts--she did a great job for us and I added her to my blog roll in case you are looking for her later and can't find this post. If you are in need, she is highly recommended!


Anonymous said...

You all have been having all sorts of fun! Between the movies (both of which are good!) Chilli's (I love!) and Wal-Mart (good deals) what could be better? Have a great day!

The Speight Family said...

Chili's is my favorite! Looks like a fun weekend to me!

You are right about just barely pulling out the W.......they always stress me to the max!!