Monday, January 25, 2010

The Babies!!

Okay, so I was going to post a couple of pictures of the babies at the top of my testimony but when I went to add them it turned out that....shreik!....I hadn't taken a single pictures of my babies in over a week. So, when they woke up from their nap--I got the camera out! Lilly is always so thirsty when she wakes up! She drinks a whole big sippee of juice.
This afternoon while she was having her afternoon snack, she kept pointing to the tv saying "E-I-E-I-E-I" which is her way of telling me she wants to watch her Neighborhood Animals video. Here she is hooked on tv.
Her hair is getting so long! This is it when it is wet.
Then, here it is dry and curly and trying to stand on her little school house. She loves to stand on things these days. She is also saying all kinds of things...more like repeating. This week she has said, "chocolate milk", "moo cow", "belly button", "I get it", "juice", "trash", and a few other things I can't come up with now. However, she has to be in the mood and then she will talk and talk...not on command though.
She also kept trying to get into Reid's jumper today so I thought I would put her in it and she would see that she didn't want to be in there. I was wrong. She had a good time jumping and playing.
Reid smiling getting ready for bed.
He is so handsome and getting sooo big. He is doing new stuff all the time and is really getting his fine motor skills!
Oh, and notice the return of the sleep sacks! I love sleep sacks! Lilly wore hers until she was 10 or 11 months. He is 4 months and he already can't straighten his legs in it. Sigh.
Lilly likes to get out of the bath tub and run around with just the towel on her head. She looks so a streaker with a cape!

This is just a little video of her playing the jumper she is way too grown up for. Haha. She was going crazy in it but you know she calmed down as soon as I got the video camera out. Ah well.


Lyr said...

Great pictures! So cute!

Rebekah said...

Cute pics! Isn't it funny how the big siblings always have a fascination with the baby's stuff?!?! That makes me laugh! Although, I wish our toddlers would always want to get in the jumperoo. There are so few places anymore where they are confined!