Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Much Fun!

Well, it has been snowing here this week but it is WAY too cold to go outside with Reid (or just too cold period) so we brought some inside. She thought it was lots of fun!
She sat down and pulled it up to her like that--so cute!
She would put her hands in the snow.
Then, she would rub her hands together.

Then, she ate some. Don't worry--it was clean snow.
In the background you can see some of the mess she made throughout the afternoon.
She got her kitchen toys into it, too. Oh, and when the snow would fall on the ground (it is dirty now--you will see why in a second), she would pick it up and put it back in the pot.
This is why the snow got dirty. She kept putting Tank's toys in there. Don't worry--I did NOT let her eat any more snow after that!
She did try and let Tank eat some snow, though. Sooo thoughtful! Ha.


Anonymous said...

So cute! Your such a sweet Mama to bring the snow inside to her. That was very nice. I would love to see and play in some snow!

The Speight Family said...

Oh I hope we get some snow on Wednesday/Thursday in NEA!! Emerson did not like it all last year so we will see! Have fun and stay warm!

Courtney said...

So cute. What a wonderful way to break up the day with a little snow fun!

Leslie Duffield said...

Too cute!! Looks like she had fun in the snow. It really has been so pretty up here. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I'm SO glad you liked your cards! Have a great day!

Rebekah said...

Could she be any cuter? So fun! Good idea momma! Poor Cilla may be 10 before she gets to touch snow! Of course it snowed here in Texas while we were in Arkansas for Christmas!

Jessica said...

Your little girl is SO precious. That seems like it is going to be such a fun age! I love that you brought the snow in for her to play with :)

Thank you very much for that comment earlier today. We are extremely excited. I'm feeling great so far other than being verry tired.. but even that is not too bad. I may eat my words later on, but I think I'm really going to enjoy pregnancy! And I completely agree about being pregnant in the summer. I'm so excited for that. I'm going to LIVE in dresses and nothing makes me happier. I'd much rather be 9 months pregnant in a cute dress then have to wrap up in a million layers :)

Lindsay and Robert said...

What a great idea! We're jealous of all that snow!

Lindsey Cobb said...

What a great idea! I'm sure she had a blast!

Angie S said...

Hi! Nice to meet you!

So glad you stopped by for a visit to my blog.

I love that you took snow inside to play...such a fun idea!

We aren't getting snow anytime soon, but it is going to get super cold here the next 3 days...burrr.

Have a good week!