Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pig-tailed Cutie!

Lilly had pig tails for the first time yesterday. She looks so adorable with them in....and without. So Lilly, what is a day in the life of Lilly like?? You wake up around 9:00 a.m. on a normal day. However, you will sleep at least 12 hours from the time we put you down. One night while we were out of town for Christmas we didn't get you to bed until midnight and sure slept until noon. We get you up, put a fresh diaper on you(this is the only time that you just lay there and let me change you without a fight), then you are ready for breakfast. You always wake up really thirsty! Right now, your breakfast of choice includes chocolate milk and a bag of mini blueberry muffins...and you eat the whole bag.
After breakfast, you are ready to play!!! You love your shapes blender--it has the different shape cut outs and you have to find the shape and put it in the right hole. It talks and sings and you just love it. You also love to play with your dishes and getting into any cabinet that you can get open. You like to know where your brother is at all times...whenever he is in the crib napping you like to burst into his room to check on him. The door closes but doesn't latch so if you push it hard enough the door just opens. This hobby of yours got you your first time out....after the fourth time.
Daddy comes home to have lunch with us. You love that! When you hear the garage door opening you go the door and start pointing and clapping. We usually take Tank out now and you INSIST on going outside regardless of the temperature and/or weather. Then, we eat. Oh, you are not a great eater. You don't like to try anything new. You love something one day and then turn your nose up and throw it on the floor the next day. Right now, you LOVE cheese--the sliced cheese folded up...mmmm, the Veggie Ritz Cracker Crisps, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, french fries, yogurt melts, animal cookies, anything chocolate, and your new FAVORITE tator tots from Sonic. It is funny--now we pull up to Sonic to get Happy Hour start getting really excited and you eat the whole small tator tot. So, all in all, Daddy and I stink at getting you to eat healthy food. We really try, but we just can't stand the thought of you going hungry and you will just not eat...we've tried. However, you wouldn't eat almost half of the above stuff but after I offered it to you enough you started eating it. You ate EVERY type of baby food...I thought you would be such an easy eater. Oh well.
Around 1:00, you go down for a nap. You still like to be rocked most of the time. You sleep on average for about 2 hours. After your nap I usually get you dressed for the day...unless we are just staying in our PJs that day. You really hate getting dressed. Then, we play some more. You love to be read are always bringing books. You are obsessed with playing with Mommy's pump--you continually change the settings for me. Thanks for that. If we leave the house, this is usually when we do it. You get cabin fever if we don't leave the house for a few days. You will go stand by the door and then start dragging Reid's car seat over there. It is hysterical.
If Mommy has to cook and we aren't using the Crock Pot, then I usually put in a sing-along or Baby Einstein so that I can fix dinner. Daddy gets home right after five and you love when Daddy comes home!!! You, Daddy, and Reid play until dinner is ready. You guys like the ball pit, your shaking cow and pig, and so many other toys! Then, we eat. You eat the same stuff listed above. You also love Crescent Rolls. We always offer you what we are eating but you don't ever want it. You still don't use a fork or spoon. You will feed me with one..but have no interest. I probably should start giving you one with every meal just in case you decide you want to use it.
Then, there is more playing and hanging out until your bath time at 7:30. You love your bath. We will say, "Lilly are you ready to take your bath" and you run into the bathroom. After your bath, you get lotion and PJs, we find you two paci's (you have to have a back-up), and Daddy rocks you. You will let me do it but you prefer Daddy. When being rocked, we always sing "Rock a sweet Lilly" and "Jesus love me" and we have three verses for it...Jesus love me, Jesus loves you, and Jesus loves us--you are generally always asleep by the end of that song. You sleep with an ocean sound machine in the background. You sleep through the night now and completely weaned yourself from the bottle last month. You are so very busy...MoMo says she has never seen a child as busy as you are. I believe her! Between you and your brother, I stay pretty busy! You bring so much joy to my life every single day sweet baby girl! Mommy and Daddy love you so much more than you could ever imagine. We look forward to every single day God gives us with you...which I pray nightly there are sooooooooooooooooooooo many more to come. (Don't worry Reid, your day is being discussed tomorrow. (c:)


The Speight Family said...

LOVE Lilly's pigtails. I love them on Emerson!! They are so cute! I remember the first time Emerson had hers. It was such a great day!!

Lindsey Cobb said...

I remember Presley's first pigtails! I loved them! She looks precious!