Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Perryville Surprises!

This past weekend we did our last family holiday get together in the big town of Perryville (the big town part is pure sarcasm by the way...haha). Anyway, last year and the year before that Matt and I announced that we were pregnant at this get together! This year there was another surprise!!! But, it wasn't from us. (c: Scared you for a second didn't I?
It was from these two!! This is Bill--we were all so excited to meet Bill because he is Lynn's fiance from Australia. Lilly really liked meeting Bill and playing with Lynn.
Back to the surprise...we showed up and they announced that they were getting married that day!!!
Just a side note...I couldn't get Lilly to look at the camera for anything...I had someone else take this picture of us and she is looking right at the camera. I don't know what that look on her face is all about but that is not the point.
Getting some pictures taken before the big vow exchange. I was so glad that they surprised us and let us be a part of their special day! I totally wanted to go to Australia for the wedding but with two small babies and only one income....that was looking pretty unlikely!
Well, nobody knew about the wedding so Reid was the only one dressed appropriately for the big day! He always likes to be styling and profiling..what can I say?
Making it official!!
The wedding party. Lynn's brother Daryl was his best man and he didn't know about it either. They are pretty good at keeping things a secret!!!
The proud parents, Susan and Eddie....I am not sure but I think they might be fighting back some tears. It is okay guys...let it out! Haha.
Smooching. They are now pronounced man and wife.
The cake exchange. Lynn is from Louisiana so they did a King Cake as their wedding cake. I think Lilly ate like 5 pieces.
Bill is from Australia and at first didn't know he was supposed to feed Lynn the cake. He caught on pretty fast. They are such a sweet couple and it is so great to see Lynn so very happy!!! She deserves it!
I love that Reid is just staring at the photographer in this picture. It is also a good shot of some of the guests.
Reid--suited up and sitting on Aunt Laverne's lap.
This is Lilly with Felicia and Tim. Lilly loved Felicia and even let her rock her to sleep. That is a big deal!! Then, she wanted to stay with Felicia instead of going to Daddy...and that is monumental!!
Reid hanging out with Aunt Susan. He is so handsome.
Daryl double-fisting the drinks. Haha. That is not true. He is holding the glasses so that Karl could fill them up for the toast. I told him that wasn't the story I was going to be telling. Haha. So, anyway, that was our exciting surprise for the weekend. Good times and great memories and as always, it was so great to see everyone!!


A Gracious Home said...

I enjoyed the surprise story very much. I have always wanted to go to Australia but not to live. I hope they will be happy. The pictures are great. I wondered what state the Perryville is in. Is it AR. I live fairly close to that one. Doylene

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet girl! I've missed you! Hope you all are doing well. Looks like a great get together. And such a cute couple! So sweet! You are looking great by the way. Hugs

Debbie said...

Thanks Sara. I am feeling better...just a little weak and tired from being back at school today. Sounds like a fun wedding. That's a great idea with the king cake:)