Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More videos!

This is one of my favorite videos so far! You get to see several things. (1)Lilly giving Reid some love. (2)Lilly getting stuck in the Bumbo seat. (3)Reid roll over. He is very tired and just lays his head on the carpet towards the end...it may or may not have been like the 20th video I took of him. Who's counting, right?

This is just a video of Lilly loving on Reid and sort of trying to share her paci.

This video is of Reid smiling and laughing. I recommend watching until after the part where we talk about how good he is. Then, you can move on--it is just Lilly and I wrestling over the camera. Haha.

Okay, this video is more of me trying to get Reid to smile...but that is not why I put it on here. A little into it, Lilly comes over and I get on her camera. Once you see her, you have seen why I put it on here and you can move on if you would like. Hope you enjoyed these videos. Now you have a small glimpse into my days!!! Man, I love these kiddos!


John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

I love these videos! My favorite is the first one with tank. That was so funny Sara! Tank stole the show. Your babies are so precious. Love it

Cori said...

Lilly is such a ham! I love it - I hope K is likr that when she is that age!

Lyr said...

LOVE IT! Hope you had a great Christmas and a wonderful new years! Can't wait to catch up on all I've missed on your blog!

Mike Malone said...

The videos and pics are so cute!. They made my day. All my babies.

Mike Malone said...

These are the cutest videos and pics. All my babies....That could be a day time soap!