Wednesday, January 26, 2011

C210K/Great Hubby

If I were to describe myself during week two (last week) of Couch to 10k, I would use a quote from Sue Heck on The Middle, "I had the heart of a champion, but the legs of a spectator!" Haha! Starting last Monday, my knees started to become sore...manageable but sore. Then on Thursday Reid bear-hugged me at the knees and I think I might of blacked-out for a second from the pain. After that the only word to describe the pain in my knees from the slightest bit of pressure on them (you know, from like....walking) was excruciating! So I took off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to try to just rest them and see if that helped. It did NOT. After the urging of several friends, I decided to go to a local running-gear-type-of-store called Fleet Feet. I am SO GLAD that I did! They were able to ask some questions and determine that I was having pain in my patella tendon (?) which is fairly common in new runners. My knees just need a little extra support while my body gets used to running since all of my weight plus some now goes on to one knee at a time while I run. They assured me that while I felt like I was 82 instead of 28 that it was not my age! They also said that I could continue to run but that I needed to stretch really good before and after, wear the patella tendon knee support straps (or my "geek gear" as I refer to them), and then ice my knees afterward. Oh, and if needed to take an anti-inflammatory AFTER I run, too.
So that is what I have been doing! Notice that in this picture Lilly is also icing down her knees. I just LOVE that silly girl!!
And no snuggle session would be complete without Reid. So blessed! Anyway, I went running (at glacier-like speed) Monday and it hurt...beyond words-at the verge of tears-hurt! BUT last night when I went running it was much better and for the last 1/2 mile I was actually running at a good pace (praise the Lord b/c there was a point in the beginning that I thought I was going to quit). So I am hopeful and excited!! Oh, and my knees feel so much better today! NOW, I have to brag on my husband a little bit. HAVE TO! Sometimes (like 3 so far) I am not able to get out and run before dark (which is at 6 right now). When that is the case, he loads the kids in the car and puts on Max and Ruby or Elmo for them and follows me as I run! How awesome is he?? And he NEVER complains about it! He knows that I am too chicken, ahem, cautious to run at night by myself.
He also texted me a couple of weeks ago and told me to check outside the front door...and there was an I-phone!! I kept telling him that I didn't think I needed one. All I use my phone for is to talk and text. MAN WAS I WRONG!! My IPhone is like my daily bible reading and my DVR--I don't know how I ever lived without it!!!!
Then, on Saturday I helped host a baby shower for a friend and when I got to the car, this is what I found in the seat--flowers and a very sweet card!
One last thing before you all gag from my mushy-ness. Last night I had the craziest and most random craving for beef 9:30 at night...and when I mentioned it, he volunteered to go and get me some!! Best. Husband. EVER. Also, he took care of the babies when I could barely walk around the house.
Onto my sweet Lilly, she puts her own boots on now. She had these on the right feet. They came off and then she went around wearing them on the wrong feet. (c: She makes my heart happy!
My two handsome men!
Oh, and there is no weight this week because we haven't bought another scale yet. Will update when we do! Probably next week! This week on Cto10K, we get up to running two miles with no walking! We can do it!!


Jennifer said...

Tell Matt I am giving him a high-five over the computer! What a great guy! But he has a great wife, too! :)

Love the ice picture! Ha!

Lyr said...

Good job hubby!!!!!