Monday, January 24, 2011

I Need Ice!!

A couple of weeks ago Lilly and I bumped heads. HARD. My cheek started to swell a little so I got an ice pack out and put it on my cheek. Lilly decided she needed ice too. So, together, we iced our wounds and both came out with no real injuries. However, now anytime Lilly bumps (or rubs against or sometimes just touches) anything, she says, "I neeeed ice!" The funniest part, it is almost always on her forehead, so this is how she holds the ice pack..... Covering the entire front of her face. Reid (if you read two posts down then you already know that he is a doctor) assessing the damage.
Whew--everyone is okay!! Until 15 minutes later when we start the whole process all over again!! Haha! I am loving this time with the two of them. They are both so funny!


John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

That girl is so funny!!Call you tomorrow.... when you called we were at boingo bounce with some friends! Love ya'll

The Bostians said...

Kenley loves ice packs too so I made her some "boo boo bags" that you keep in the freezer but they are small and in cute fabric (can also be microwaved for sore muscles). If you sew I can send you the instructions if not I will make you some and send them if you want. Hope your knees are feeling better!