Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Weekend Wrap-Up

First, I probably need to apologize to anyone that has seen me this weekend (and probably to those who are reading this blog post) because I am not sure I have put a cohesive sentence together since Friday! This was just such a crazy week!! I could barely walk Monday, Matt didn't feel good on Tuesday, Lilly was sick Wednesday, Reid didn't feel good on Thursday, on Friday I had to clean, pack, and do so much laundry (that sadly is still waiting to be put away) so that we could drive 3 hours to Benton on Friday--spend some time with Matt's family, and then turn around and drive 3 hours back home on Saturday, literally step out of the car and then run 2 miles for the first time, and then church, more running, and fussy kids tonight. Whew! That might be the longest run-on sentence ever...but anyway, please forgive me if I didn't give you my full attention or make any sense!! Now, onto the post! On Saturday, we had lunch with a lot of Matt's family! We always meet up together in January for a big lunch. This is where we announced we were pregnant to the family two years in a row (NOT this year) and then last year Lynn and Bill got married there. It was a bit of a let down that there was no exciting news this time. Haha.
Both Lilly and Reid tried to ride this (DOLL) tricycle all around the house. Maybe they need a tricycle for their birthdays?
Ha. Gets funnier every time.
Reid played with his football, too.
They both went up and down these stairs 5,000 times each.
Then they also kept getting into Tank's kennel to hang out (both together at some points...which was a site to see).
We got to see Granddaddy. Happy Birthday Granddaddy! We love you!!
Karl and Jenny were there from Kansas! Karl and Lilly played catch with the (huge) teddy bear.
What is it with a child and thinking it is hilarious to be hit with a big fluffy stuffed animal??
I don't know but Lilly thought it was a riot.
By the end Reid was deliriously tired and only Uncle Bert would do. He fell asleep before we even pulled away from the house! It was so good to see everyone and I didn't get pictures of so many people!
Today we had a great church service (as always). I napped with the children today. Then, we went and had dinner...a dinner that I am pretty sure convinced some people around us to stay on birth control. Matt and I claim that we are just doing our part to prevent overpopulation. Honestly, I think we all feel cruddy from sinus issues and are all pretty tired from a crazy week. That being said, I am going to bed! Hope you all have a great week.

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