Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Couch to 10K & Other Updates!

Okay, so we started Week 2 of Couch to 10K yesterday. Whew--it is a doozie! We do a warm up walk of 1/4 of a mile. Then we run 1/4 mile, walk 1/8 mile, run 1/2 mile, walk 1/4 mile, run 1/4 mile, walk 1/8 mile, run 1/2 mile. (Basically you run twice as much as you walk.) This took us from 1/2 mile running total to 1 1/2 mile running distance. We are doing it though! I took a look at this week's plan on Thursday of last week and started running a little bit more and more on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday I ran a mile without stopping. All in all, I think we are really enjoying this! Reid has been feeding himself yogurt. Check out the bib to see how accurate he is with his hand-to-mouth aim. (:
Lilly has become very particular about everything. She wants a "pink fork" (actually she says "fark"). She wants cheese on her spaghetti. She wants it on a plate and NOT just on her tray. Lilly and Reid have been feeding Tank a lot lately..that is why he is looking longingly at her in this picture. Ha!
I have got to get Reid splashing in the bathtub on video! The boy is like a splashing machine. It is hysterical!
No..Matt and I did not get mad after we weighed in and break the scale. (I lost 1 pound and Matt lost 2 pounds....which we are happy with considering we ate pizza and cupcakes at a birthday party Saturday and a big Mexican lunch after church on Sunday!) Reid somehow snuck this out of our bathroom this morning. He is like a little Hulk because this is HEAVY...or was heavy. Anyway he made it down the hall before he dropped it and it busted E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!! I am so sad because this was a really good scale BUT I am also praising God that it was tempered glass and he didn't get hurt!!
Lilly and Reid have decided that they are too grown up for sippee cups at restaurants now. They demand (by screaming and throwing fits that make me look like an awesome mom) cups with straws.
They are just getting too big for their own good!

Lilly finally decided she would go into the tubes at the Chick-Fil-A play area. This is her playing in the car. She is getting so big. Tear.
The only way she doesn't freak out and get scared when I vacuum is if she gets to vacuum at the same time!
If only it really worked. Sigh.
LOVE this girl! She is saying so much and understands everything! She amazes me daily with the things that she does and says.
Is there a doctor in the house??
Yes, but I should warn you--he is a heavy drinker! Ha. Don't worry--just milk, water, and juice! But seriously, he drinks constantly! I have never seen anything like it!
LOVE my handsome little man too! He can climb everything, loves to dance, and thinks he is just as big as his sister!


Cori said...

Katie is a drinker, too!!! She would much rather drink a sippy cup full of juice than eat a meal! She won't, however, drink milk.. I don't worry too much about it since she loves yogurt and cheese.

Anyways, they are getting so big...

Jennifer said...

Brody did that to our scale, too!!
So proud of how far you are running!!