Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chuck E Cheese, Part 2

Ok, some time recently I posted the slide pictures from our Chuck E Cheese playgroup and now it is time for the rest of them. This is a little bike that goes up and down. Both Lilly and Reid liked getting on this one.
Lilly driving. She thought she was big stuff. She kept saying, "I do it".
Reid did really great at playing this one by himself. I guess someone else put a token in for him because I looked over and he was going to town hitting the buttons that make the balls jump into the frogs mouth. I love that he looks sooo serious!
Eyes on the road Lilly!! Eyes. On. The. Road! Oh, I am flashing forward to a teenage driving lesson. Start praying now, please. (c:
Brody and Lilly (and if you look behind Brody is baby Trevor--who is getting big fast!) Also, notice that Lilly is buckled up. She buckled herself up in everything she got into. Safety first. Even when pretend driving.
This girl loves a phone!
"Hey-yo" Speaking of phones, she can already work my IPhone. She can unlock it, find her shapes game, and play it all by herself. Also, I am pretty sure that she has learned several shapes in the process. She loves the star!
Playing together! Notice they left all their tickets at the last machine? That is because I have no intention of letting them know that they can get "toys" there.
This was my favorite thing! You push the bone up and down and it pops the balls into the dogs mouth. Lilly would get up there just like this and play. I kid you not when I tell you that she (a 2 year old) got better scores than I did!
We have passed Chuck E Cheese two times this week and both times Lilly was like "I want Chuck E Cheese!" I had really intended on going there tomorrow to just to burn off some energy but since she was sick yesterday we are going to stay home. Maybe next week?

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