Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day

Ok--I am pretty much posting these ASAP since Matt is at work and didn't get to play in the snow. I want him to be able to see what we did! There are lots of pictures, but I will keep my comments short so that you will still be able to quickly read them. When we first got outside! This is Reid's first time to actually "play" in the snow.
It was up to his knees so he had a hard time walking...
and did a lot of falling.
But he did manage to make into the cozy coupe! It was funny that he (and Lilly) both just wanted to play with their outside toys more than they did the snow!
But he did think it was fun to run (or TRY to run) in it.
Lilly's boot kept coming off. I think we went through 3 pairs of socks in the maybe 20 minutes we were out there.
What could be more fun than sitting in a wagon full of snow??
Loving it!

I could not get him to look at the camera--he was staring at all the snow!
He had one glove off trying to pick up snow and throw it!
Lilly's snow-covered "booty" as she calls it.
Going down the slide...this is as close as we came to sledding. (:
Throwing snow. Or at least going through the motions.

They really did have the best time just trying to walk through it.
UNTIL...Reid face-planted in the snow!
Then, he was ready to GO INSIDE.
We went inside and had some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Lilly trying her best to break the marshmallow in half before she ate it. You know, because no food is edible until you "bake (break) it".
Perfect! The kids only had a couple of sips of their hot chocolate so I was forced to drink it. Darn the luck! (c:
Then we had lunch and Reid fed himself yogurt.
Where he proceeded to drop so much on his bib that he started spooning it off of his bib and eating it.
Lilly pointed to an empty place on her plate and said, "I need kaputch here please". Then, when the bottle made a "toot" sound as the ketchup was coming out, she said, "BURP". Ha!
Now they are down for naps and I would say it has been a pretty great snow day so far! Thanks to my friend Jennifer, I have a craft idea that we are going to do after naps and then Daddy comes home and we can try to play in the snow again!


The Bostians said...

They are so precious! And I love the Hog hood/outfits. So cute!!

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures!! It looks like they had a great time!

Rebekah said...

You got some great pics! Looks like fun! You are a better momma than I am. I told since Cilla since she didn't want to bundle up, that she could not go out in it!!!

Superchikk said...

I love their razorback snow suits!

Caedmon scoops food off of his shirt, too!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!! Glad they had fun. It was sweet of you to post quickly so your hunny could see.

Debbie said...

Just precious:)