Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve night we get together at DeDe and Mike's house with the family to have dinner and open presents.  Lilly is a professional gift un-wrapper this year.  She loved to open all of hers and then help others open theirs.  What is Christmas without a helpful spirit, right?  She got a Melissa & Doug magnetic princess doll from Melissa and Danny and the cousins.  She got the ballerina one from Aunt Shelly.  She had them both out playing yesterday and asked which one was from who so I was telling her and when I said that the princess one was from Melissa and Danny, she said, "Danny!  I Looove that Danny!"  Ha! 
She also got this princess pillow that she loves to sleep on.  I have been transforming her room into a big room this week...but more on that later. 
Reid opened his Cars shirt and had to put it on immediately!  That boy is loving anything Cars right now.  It is a good thing since he now has a lot of it. 
Aunt Kay gave Lilly 3 dresses to play dress-up with.  MamMa made all 3 of them for Melissa when she was little and was a flower girl in several weddings. I LOVE them.  I love that MamMa made them and that Melissa wore them when she was little and I love that Lilly is wearing them now.  It is just special to me!  And, so does Lilly.  She wore all 3 of them that night! 
Ray asked for cash money...and he wanted it all in one dollar bills.  Hysterical.  No--he didn't want them for "the club"--he just wanted "a big wad of money".  Ha!  We asked him if he was going to spread it on his bed and roll in it.  (:
Reid had so much fun playing with his cousins!
And, of course his Uncle Bert (and Aunt Becca).  We talk about Bert and Becca daily.  When we were at lunch one day Lilly asked Reid, "Bubby what do you want for Christmas?" and he said, "Bert and Becca".  How stinking sweet is that? 
Later Christmas Eve the kids opened their gifts from Bert and Becca.  Lilly was super excited about Ariel.  The Little Mermaid was in her stocking for Christmas this year.  Luckily I had bought it when she was a baby and it was still out because she asked for it and it isn't being sold in stores right now! 
Reid LOVES his Cars tent.  We wouldn't open it for him so he carried it around like a briefcase ALL weekend long.  Christmas morning he opened gifts one-handed because he wouldn't let go of it. 
Oh, and I am pretty sure I spotted a reindeer Christmas Eve, too!  (:
On Christmas morning MamMa got to come over!  This really was the best Christmas present ever!  She is in a rehabilitation home and while we know that she needs to be there--it just wouldn't have been Christmas without her celebrating with us!
We LOVE our sweet MamMa! 
Christmas day Reid played some more with his cousins!
Lilly and Melissa put a puzzle together.  And then took it apart.  And then put it back together. 
Grandma Betty was there Christmas day, too, and we enjoyed seeing her as well!  Later that evening we went to see Granddaddy and MeeMaw but I was just too tired to get the camera out there.  We had such a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with lots of family! 

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Courtney said...

It looks like a wonderful Christmas. So glad you got to spend it with some special family members. It was a Cars Christmas for Logan too.