Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 1 of our 25 days of Christmas was decorating the Christmas tree. 
While the kids were napping I set up our tree, Lilly's tree, and Reid's tree.  I set them up in the living room so we could all decorate them together.  Once we were done decorating them the kids' trees went in their rooms. 
I also went ahead and set out our stockings. 
The kids were waking up from their naps right as Matt was on his way home and I wanted him to be here when they went into the living room so I went into Reid's room to keep him in there for a few minutes.  When I got him out of his crib he saw his Cars pajamas and insisted on putting them on.  And, even though we hadn't eaten dinner I just went with it.  Ha!  When Matt got home (Lilly was still asleep), we went into the living room and Reid was so excited about all of the different color trees.  He had asked for a "blue tree" specifically so DeDe got him one.  Blessed boy!  He kept saying, "A blue one! A purple one!  A greeeen one!" 
Lilly woke up a few minutes later and came into the living room and she just smiled from ear to ear.  We had bought her tree after Christmas last year on clearance and it is a light purple.  At the store she had asked for a pink one but I told her we already had a purple one and she was excited about it.  This was the first time she had seen it.  She ran right up to the tree, hugged it, and said, "I LOVE IT!!" 
Decorating.  She wanted to put the ornaments on the lights.  I let her decorate it however she wanted too.  Well, except I wouldn't let her put more than one ornament per limb because she would put three on the same limb and then they would all slide off and we just weren't making any progress.  (:  After a while she would just hand me the ornament and then point to exactly where she wanted it. 
Reid enjoyed hanging some on and would ask for help but then when Matt would try to help he would say, "No Daddy!  I do it myself!!"  Ha.  He had some help from Daddy decorating his tree because he lost some focus. 
Here is Lilly's tree!  It looks pretty good.  However, the other side has NO ornaments.  Either way, I think she did pretty awesome. 
The front of Reid's tree...
The back.
Matt and I have decorated most of the living room tree.  I still have to go to Hobby Lobby and get a star for the top and have a few more ornaments to hang but I needed a break so I decided to blog and then finish. 
My favorite of all of our trees, though, are these "1 foot" Christmas trees that Lilly and Reid made at church while we were watching the AWESOME Christmas program last night.  They are so adorable.  The lady in their class said that while Lilly was making hers she said, "My Mommy is going to loooove this!"  She was right!!  Happy December everyone!

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Everything looks so cute!! Merry Christmas!