Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Christmas!

We did our little family Christmas this past Sunday. 
 The kids woke up to this.  They both got up at the same time so that worked out nicely.  We try to go by the whole 3 present thing...but we just really aren't that good at it.  We got both kids dress up clothes in the trunkie suitcases, Melissa & Doug pizza, band in a box, puppets, and puzzles (we wrapped these as "one" gift), and they each got an Innotab.  They got lots of little goodies in their stockings too. 
 Reid got up, walked in the living room, saw the trunkie and started riding it around.  He didn't need to open any presents.  Ha!  He was happy just riding that around. 
 Matt opening his present from Lilly that she picked out here.
 She got him so candy in a robot container.  When she saw it she said, "Oh my Daddy would loovvee that!"  She also got him a ball that you throw and it comes back to you.  She insisted that he needed a RED flashlight.  And then as we passed the Dora stickers she said, "OH MOMMY--Daddy loves Dora!!!"  Matt and I talked about how much fun that night was going and letting them pick out gifts and we will definitely be doing this again. 
For Bubby she picked out a football night light (I may have pointed that out b/c he needs one).  The story with the Cars Poprocks is really cute.  We had been at the dollar tree a couple of weeks ago and I let the kids pick out a treat to carry around but they had to be on good behavior for us to get it.  Reid picked out the above Cars candy but he wasn't listening and he lost his treat.  When Lilly saw it she said, "Oh Bubby can have his treat!!!"  She was so excited to give it to them and they have enjoyed it together.  She also thought he needed a green flashlight and that ball. 
 Reid got Lilly princess shampoo and a barbie ice pack. 
 And he got me the oven mitt, some Christmas candy cups, and some chapstick that is already in my purse.  After we opened gifts Matt cooked some cinnamon pancakes from a mix that one of my sweet KDO kids gave us for Christmas.  Then we got ready and went to church.  After church we met MoMo and Papa Ray for lunch at Logans (as well as Uncle Larry, Aunt Becky, and Amber) before they left to go back home.  Then we came home and napped so we would have energy for our annual Christmas night at the square! 
 Every year since Reid's first Christmas we go eat dinner on the square.  This year we met our friends the Trumbo's.  They met us for pizza our first year so we decided to meet up for pizza with them again/  We met at Tiny Tim's and then walked around the square.  It had been so cold lately but it was really nice out Sunday night. 
 After the Trumbo's went home we hit up the square like tourists.  (: 
The kids rode ponies.  Both kids wanted to ride and had a good time.

 Lilly was so excited...
 because we were waiting our turn for...
 Bobby!!  The horse that gave us our carriage ride last year.  We talked about Bobby for MONTHS last year. 
Eventually we are going to get a good family picture of us on the carriage ride, but really, why break tradition this year right??
 We rode the carriage ride around the square looking at the lights. 
 We tried to get a picture of each one of us with the kids but as you tell they were too busy looking at the lights. 

 The beautiful lights!
After we left the square we drove around to look at a couple of favorites.  The place above is some business but they have TONS of blow-ups.  I couldn't get a picture of half of them! 

 Then we drove to this house.  It is one of those houses that the lights are set to music.  I didn't get any great photos but it is pretty cool!
 Then we went back home to play with our toys.  Lilly busted out her new fingernail polish.  I painted her nails and then she painted mine.  This is my first manicure from her.  Also--let me just say that my husband spoiled me rotten for Christmas!!  That outfit is one of my Christmas presents (including the matching red and white TOMS you can't see) and he got me another super cute outfit.  I love it all and am so thankful!! 
 The finished product.  Lilly showing off her handy work like Vanna White. 
This is from DeDe.  A local place was having a warehouse sale and everything was half off.  I saw this and wanted to get it for the kids but we had already bought their Christmas.  The next day we went back with DeDe and she got it for them.  (Local friends--that is Acumen--and they are having another sale January 5th!)  We went to put it together Saturday night so the kids would see it Sunday morning but we realized we had only grabbed one of the two boxes!  Oops!  So we went and got the other one Monday and put it together Tuesday night.  This was waiting for them Wednesday morning.
 To say they LOVE IT would be an understatement.  They haven't played with anything else since!  I bet they have spent several hours just opening and closing the cabinets. 
 They do keep putting their stuffed animals in the microwave and stove, though, so we are working on that.  Ha! 
Thanks DeDe (and Daddy for putting it together)!  We LOVE it! 

All in all we had a WONDERFUL Christmas day as our little family! 


Debbie said...

Wishing you guys a very Merry Christmas!

Courtney said...

What a fun day. Those lights are beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Lauren @ Defrump Me said...

We love Tim's pizza!! Looks like y'all had a fabulous Christmas. And your new outfit will be perfect for the Cotton Bowl ;-)

Merry Christmas!