Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 2, 3, and 4--Weekend in Branson

On Friday DeDe came to visit and when Matt got off work we loaded up and headed to Branson.  We stopped at Harrison to eat at one of our favorite places to eat, DeVito's.  It is so good.  My great Aunt and Uncle have a condo in Branson so we stayed there.  We got to Branson and went to the Landing.  (These pictures are from when we went back Sunday because it was dark, cold, and a little rainy Friday night.)  We walked around and looked at the lights and the fountains there.
 We are thankful and very blessed to have good sleepers when we travel because they slept in Saturday (after going to bed late) and we barely made it to McDonald's in time for breakfast.  We ate light because we knew we were going to the Dixie Stampede for lunch.  We headed to the Dixie Stampede early to see the horses (the stables are where you can walk by and see the animals), get our picture made, and watch the pre-show.  There was a part where the man juggled with his mouth and Reid thought that was hysterical.  There was also an amazing teenage juggler. 
 (I included this picture because I thought it was hilarious.)  Then we went into the show.  They don't allow pictures there so I didn't even take my camera in.  It was great, though.  My two and three year old were totally captivated which is something to be said for two kids that don't stay in one spot hardly ever.  The adults loved the food but Lilly and Reid ate the popcorn we bought at the preshow.  During the show they did a living nativity that was really good.  After the show Matt dropped DeDe and I off at the outlet malls while the kids napped.  I spent a whopping $4.  Big spender.  (;  We were hoping to go to Silver Dollar City but the weather had other plans and it rained all night.  Don't worry about us Scott's, though, because we still managed to have fun and see some lights!  We went back to the landing to eat at Joe's Crabshack and see the fountain show.  (Again, it was pouring so I didn't have my camera so no pictures.)
 Then we drove through the Branson Festival of Lights.  This one was only $10 for the whole car and had some great lights.  It had a big light thing for each one of the 12 days of Christmas.  I thought these "4 calling birds" were pretty funny!  The festival of lights was good and a bargain but I wanted to see some more lights so we decided to go through the Shepard of the Hills drive-thru lights as well. 
 This one was more costly but it was also a LOT longer.  Like it took us probably an hour to get through.  About 15 minutes into the drive Lilly informed us that she had to go potty...and there is no way out!!  Note to self and others-stop and take a potty break before you enter this one!  Ha!  Praise the Lord she made it through!  This drive-thru had all sorts of scenes like the one above as well as lots of lights.  The tower has lights going all the way up and down it and Reid keeps calling it the "volcano", or really as he says it, "ball-cane-o".  They also had all types of light figures including dinosaurs, frogs, waterfalls, sliding gingerbread men, etc.
 And they also had all kinds of religious signs like this one as well.  I love that everything we saw in Branson included some Jesus, you know, since He is the reason for the season. 
 On Sunday Reid slept until 11 (he didn't go to bed until almost midnight...we are not great parents when it comes to food or bedtime on vacation), so we ended up having an early lunch for breakfast at McFarland's.  I was so excited about fried green tomatoes.  Love them!  After lunch we attempted to shop for our angel on our angel tree (which was Day 4 on the advent calendar) but we are still looking for the right gift.  We went to the Bass Pro Shop.  Santa was there and Lilly said she wanted to go talk to him.  I could NOT believe it.  She has never wanted to be within touching distance of Santa!!  She went right up to him and talked to him and sat in his lap and smiled for a picture with him.  Bass Pro Shop was awesome they gave us a free picture and let us snap pictures with our own cameras too.
 And they had a kid craft area where the kids made these cute little foam ornaments and colored pictures. 
 Lilly saying, "Cheeeeeesssseeee".  They had blank letters to Santa and Lilly wanted to write him a letter.  So she did. 
 And then she hand-delivered it to him.
 This was a picture of her letter.  (:  This just makes me smile. 
 She was explaining it to him. 
 Reid wanted no part of being close to Santa but he did want to give him a (blank) letter. 
 Then we went outside to take the pictures with the deer (at the beginning of the post) and I got this picture.  I think this is my FAVORITE picture yet!!!!
 Sitting on some rides.  Matt and I are not very, what's the word, outdoorsy, but we enjoy looking around the Bass Pro Shop.  I don't think we have ever found anything to purchase but it is just a fun shop.  Reid loved the aquarium and I think at one point he was trying to get in the tank.   
 After that we loaded up and headed home.  The kids slept almost the whole way home which never happens because my kids do not ever don't usually sleep in the car.  When we got back to town we decided to take DeDe to see a local house that goes all out for Christmas.  I guess we hadn't gotten enough Christmas lights because after that we decided to go the square and eat dinner and see more lights.  I think by that time we were just crazy exhausted and not thinking
 This is the only picture I got of the four of us.  Photo fail. 
DeDe and the kids.  After two weekends in a row with the grandkids I think DeDe is worn out.  I actually stayed home sick today but am starting to feel better. However, I can tell you that tonight's activity of "Christmas Photo" will be traded out with something else. 


Courtney said...

What a fun weekend. I love looking at Christmas lights, so I would have been in heaven. Hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture with Santa! So precious! Merry Christmas!